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Readers Respond: Do You Use Tea Bags or Loose Leaf?

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From the article: Teas - Tea in Britain
Making the perfect cup of tea needs loose leaf tea but sometimes there isn't the time so a tea bag comes in handy. Which do you use normally, bags or leaf?

Make sure you get the colour right

This British tea colour chart may help those looking to perfect their brewing skills... http://www.tea-chart.co.uk
—Guest Stu

tea bag

ilove loose tea because i get freshness from loose rathetr than teabag
—Guest shabir

tea-bags, ugh!

Only the fannings and dust go into tea-bags, stuff that used to be ploughed back into the ground as fertiliser. Loose leaf, especially whole-leaf, China and Indian teas are far superior.
—Guest David Bye

loose leaf and bags

I use both. I do agree that loose tea does taste better, but I am a busy college student. In the morning I just use teabags.
—Guest Alonna Hawkshead

Tea Leaves or Tea bags

Loose tea always, it doesn't take any longer. When you're finished empty the leaves onto yoyr herb garden or top the pot up to ater your indoor plants
—Guest John Bromley

Depends On How Busy I Am!

If I'm on my way to work, or at work, or just plain busy, I use bags. When I'm having a quiet and leisurely morning at home, I use loose leaf. In my daydreams when I have tremendous amounts of free time, I rise in the morning, brew a cup with loose leaf and read for a half an hour while I drink my tea.


I want, very badly, to say loose leaf but the reality is I almost always end up using bags and deeply, deeply resenting it because I should be doing the thing properly!

Loose Leaf Green Tea

Definately loose leaf! Watching gorgeous little green tea leaves unfurl in a pot or cup is so satisfying- and the flavor and aroma are so much more complex, compared to green tea in bags. It's a sensory thing for me.
—Guest Teri Gruss

I love looseleaf

but you can't buy it readily in the US, plus we make ourselves so busy that a tea "ceremony" with a pot and a stack of cookies and a good book is not often in the cards. But loose leaf tea is still better quality than any bagged stuff.
—Guest Jen

Lazy Tea Drinker

I do believe that loose leaf tea tastes better. Sadly, I happen to be a lazy tea drinker and use tea bags.

Tea Bags

I probably don't know what I'm missing... but I really love a strong cup of black tea (from a teabag), with no milk or cream, but sweetened with a little bit of sugar or honey or agave nectar. I also love mint tea with honey in it.
—Guest Nancy

Loose Leaf

My favorite is loose leaf, but more often than not, I bow to convenience and pop a teabag in my cup.
—Guest FionaH


I use both. Morning cuppa in a hurry I reach for the bags. The weekend when I have more time, loose. I would use loose all the time if I could, it tastes better.

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