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Readers Respond: Do You Use Tea Bags or Loose Leaf?

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From the article: Teas - Tea in Britain
Making the perfect cup of tea needs loose leaf tea but sometimes there isn't the time so a tea bag comes in handy. Which do you use normally, bags or leaf? Which is Your Favorite

best of both worlds.

My sister started using loose tea in a French Press coffee pot, and it is the best of both worlds. very easy to clean, and loose leaf flavour. As for composting your tea leaves, I would not since some Chinese teas have lead in them, that will not leach out into our tea, but if you put it in the ground might end up in the veggies we eat.
—Guest Orla Quirk

Cup of tea

I wish I could say that I use loose leaf being that I love tea as much as I do, but sadly I'm usually stuck with tea bags, for two reasons... price and availability where I live. It is easier and cheaper to purchase tea bags in my town than it is to try to find loose leaf tea. Loose leaf is almost impossible to find, or so it would seem. If I want loose leaf, I have to make a special trip to Jungle Jims, or some other similar store just to try to find the tea I'd prefer to drink.
—Guest Ashe

Do You use Tea Bags or Loose Leaf?

For a top notch tea bag try Thompsons Punjana or, for a real treat, Thompsons Signature - London based Guild of Fine Foods gave Signature 2 Gold Stars for quality - the only other mainstream teas with 1 Gold Star are Punjana Original and Yorkshire Gold.
—Guest gedmaloney

Do You Use Tea Bags or Loose Leaf?

Leaf tea, whole leaf if possible. Bags are for "on the run" only. The quality tea providers cut their tea specifically for bags. Others use fannings and dust. If in doubt, cut open a bag and look at what's inside. Pyramid bags are better than flat or flow thru, but still no substitute for loose tea. I want to SEE what I'm drinking. BTW, my preference is strong with no milk or cream. No sugar or lemon. Just "stewed leaves and twigs" as I like to call it.
—Guest Tea-a-holic (60 Years a US Tea Drinker)

Loose leaf quality in a bag

the new silky pyramid tea bagged teas from companies like www.teastorks.com ensure you've got the flavour of loose leaf tea with out the hassle. Sure it's a bag, but trust me, the flavour is just as good as if there were no bag at all.
—Guest Tom

PG Tips for me

Originally from England, I use tea bags as loose tea is reserved for special occasions in my household. Cheers!
—Guest Jane

Loose leaf

Loose leaf is the best of course, but as a busy student or while working, tea bags are one of the faster options. Put the milk in first, never after, put the hot water on the tea bag, not putting the tea bag into the water, and use a clean cup. Loose leaf though is the best for a nice cuppa after a busy morning. :D
—Guest I love a good ol'Jammy dodger

Both also

Of course loose leaf is superior, any seasoned tea drinker knows this. Fortunately, there are hybrids available now that merge the flavor of loose leaf with the convenience of the tea bag. Two I like are Mighty Leaf teas (try the Jasmine Green Tea) and Costco's Kirkland brand green tea. Both are in fabric-type (nylon?) bags, which lend themselves well to either cold-steeping or traditional brewing. I like to leave them in my glass when drinking them iced; I think it intensifies the flavor. This type of bag allows me to do this without the bag falling apart. I buy my Mighty Leaf on Amazon. Happy sipping!
—Guest Maggie

loose leaf all the way

loose leaf only. a tea bag, which are banned in my house, no faster. i have a 2-cup teapot which is the perfect size for a breakfast cup.
—Guest tonton

Make sure you get the colour right

This British tea colour chart may help those looking to perfect their brewing skills... http://www.tea-chart.co.uk
—Guest Stu

tea bag

ilove loose tea because i get freshness from loose rathetr than teabag
—Guest shabir

tea-bags, ugh!

Only the fannings and dust go into tea-bags, stuff that used to be ploughed back into the ground as fertiliser. Loose leaf, especially whole-leaf, China and Indian teas are far superior.
—Guest David Bye

loose leaf and bags

I use both. I do agree that loose tea does taste better, but I am a busy college student. In the morning I just use teabags.
—Guest Alonna Hawkshead

Tea Leaves or Tea bags

Loose tea always, it doesn't take any longer. When you're finished empty the leaves onto yoyr herb garden or top the pot up to ater your indoor plants
—Guest John Bromley

Depends On How Busy I Am!

If I'm on my way to work, or at work, or just plain busy, I use bags. When I'm having a quiet and leisurely morning at home, I use loose leaf. In my daydreams when I have tremendous amounts of free time, I rise in the morning, brew a cup with loose leaf and read for a half an hour while I drink my tea.

Which is Your Favorite

Do You Use Tea Bags or Loose Leaf?

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