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Readers Respond: Different Ways to Serve Yorkshire Puddings

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From the article: Yorkshire Pudding Recipes
Ask anyone what to serve with Yorkshire puddings and the immediate response will usually be Roast Beef, but there are many other ways. These are just 5 of my favorites, do you have any to add to it? What is Your Favorite?

Sugar on Yorkshire's

In our family, we eat Yorkshire Puds as a starter, sprinkled with sugar and topped with gravy ! And it is yumptious, thanks to my mum. I have now covered my own family - husband and kids to this family tradition :) Try it sometime ... You might like it !

Orange Juice

My dad always put orange juice and a little sugar on his. I always loved it plain with my beef!
—Guest Cathryn

Happy Yorkshire Accident

Add some garlic and herbs and serve them with butter alongside spaghetti. It's WAY better than ggarlic bread and there's never leftovers.m
—Guest Jada

Johnny's sausages

Johnny is describing "Toad in the Hole". It has the same basic ingredients as Yorkshire pudding but made slightly thicker

Yorkshire Puddings?

Dougvic was obviously brought up proper 'cos his mum new how to cook Yorkshire pudding and he's heard silly stories from people who don't know better. It is essentially a "one off", cooked in the dish that the joint has been roasted in so that it gathers up the flavours of the meat. It is traditionally served first with gravy before the main course, a concept supported by the old adage "Fill 'em up with pudding and they won't eat as much meat". When the title of a recipe is "Yorkshire puddings" it does not refer to the traditional recipe but to something which I noted about a year ago someone was calling "Popovers". The basic difference begins with the batter. The ingredients are the same but for pudding the batter is left overnight to still as a pancake mix while for popovers it is used freshly beaten so that it will fluff out in the cooking. Because popovers are cooked in a small cake tin they don't have the essential meat flavour of Yorkshire pudding and can have a variety of tastes
—Guest Bazrev


My Dad, from Yorkshire did the cooking and we normally had it hot with syrup. Soo wish I had some in front of me now.
—Guest Morane Langston

Yorkie pud lover

Jam was common when I was lille. Prolly' 'cause it were cheap. You can fill 'em wi'anything that works for pancakes, waggles or pastry - sweet or savory. Try chocolate spread and peanut butter into hot puds, then a scoop o'vanilla ice cream... Or, cheese, nunnies (onion) and mash...like a pasty. Scrambled egg too...heck, a whole mini English breakie, if y'like.
—Guest Northern Lass

sausage pudding

I like to serve with breakfast sausage and gravy. Its best when you put the sausage in the batter before cooking
—Guest johnny


When I was a child my mum used to put rhubarb into the Yorkshire pud and serve it with raspberry vinegar. Absolutely delicious
—Guest Tony

Yorkshire and Sugar

My mother always cooked "Yorkshire" in a separate dish (not under the roast beef as was the custom in its home county). Hence it was not very greasy, and not "crisp and greesy" as the Yorkshire people loved. We were a family of four so when mother cut the Yorkshire into six equal pieces, there were always two pieces remaining. As kids growing up under wartime conditions we did not get many tasty deserts, so Yorkshire with sugar on it was a great treat. I still remember the taste.
—Guest Dougvic

My Yorkshires

We love our Yorkshire puddings served before our meal and of course smothered in gorgeous thick tasty gravy and then maybe if there is any room left - to eat with the roast of the day mmmmmm
—Guest Yorkshire pudding

golden syrup

My husband always wants to see left over yorkshire puddings, so he can have them for pud with golden syrup and dash of custard.

Ice Cream!

We cook *huge* Yorkshire puds, and a favourite here amongst the staff is to have a scoop of ice cream in the middle! Might sound very bizarre, but try it. I'm a recent convert!
—Guest @cromwellswirral

Yorkshire Puddings

When I was a student in Sheffield in Yorkshire my landlady used to make her Yorkshire Puddings with onions and herbs. It was delicious.
—Guest Christine

pudding lover

my family love yorkshire pudding with fruit dropped into the batter and cooked. Fruit like apples blackberries strawberries infact any fruit.
—Guest Shirley Fern

Bubble and Squeak

Left over Yorkshire puds are great filled with a fry up of 'bubble and squeak', another Yorkshire dish made from leftover mashed potatoes and vegetables from Sunday lunch. We always had these for dinner on a Monday when I was a child.

Sugar and lemon juice

My grandmother, who comes from Yorkshire always used to sprinkle cold Yorkshire puddings with a little sugar and drops of fresh lemon juice. Until now I thought this was odd, so am going to try it again.

What is Your Favorite?

Different Ways to Serve Yorkshire Puddings

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