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Readers Respond: Different Ways to Preserve Food

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From the article: Preserve Recipes
There are so many different ways to preserve foods when you have a glut in the garden or have been able to buy up some foods cheaply. Which are your favorite ways to preserve or do you have any handy tips to share? Let us know here.


Ooh I have a great recipe for courgette and dill chutney (in response to an earlier reply) I'm currently making plum and mulled wine chutney preserve. I have so many plums from the tree, always have a bottle of red wine lying around and mulling spices. It's just so easy, and so cheap. I love making jams and preserves and this recipe will have matured beautifully in time for the cheese board at Christmas.
—Guest Lucy

Jam, jelly

I try to make as much jam or jelly that I can. My handy tip is, if you are short of time don't worry. Freeze the glut of fruit as it still makes good jams when defrosted.


I can all summer long..starting with berries for jams, and then veggies from the garden, ending with peaches, pears & apples. I don't have enough freezer space for it all but I do freeze blueberries for later use & berry pie filling. I hunt garage sales for jars all year long too!
—Guest lhabr


Salt whatever you want then dry it. Mostly meats but if you did any thing else not so good.
—Guest kay22

Preserving Food

I bottle some things and freeze others. I don't have a garden myself, but there are lots of outdoor markets here selling cucumbers and dill to make great pickles, a family favorite and tomatoes by the bushel. So lucky.
—Guest Escribe101


For me drying is the easier any economical way for me to preserve food.

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