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Readers Respond: My Favorite Uses for Left Over Food

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These are just a few of my tips for left over food, I'm sure you must also have your own. Why not share them with other readers and we can all learn to save money. What Are Your Tips

leftover sunday meat

After having such a hearty meal on a Sunday, I use leftover meat on Monday in stirfry, it's a lighter meal, I use fresh veg (cabbage, shredded, grated carrots, peas, peppers, beansprouts & mushrooms) & the diced up meat, fry in a little veg oil for five mins. Great with a warm naan bread.
—Guest Audiegeordie

stale bread stuffing

leftover crusts or slices from loaves of bread are frozen, over time fill one breadbag, dry/toast in the oven on grill when ready to crumb for you favourite stuffing mix. Can't beat real butter mix with chopped onion and mixed herbs for flavour and texture . ka pai te kai!
—Guest tubadz


If you have small amounts of spaghetti bolognese left mix together and use as a toasted sandwich filling. It's really tasty!! Leftover curry and rice works well too.
—Guest Cheryl

Quick Onion Soup

Yesterday (Christmas Day) we made too many Roasted Onions, today the left-overs have been chopped and drowned in beef stock and will be simmering on the stove for a little while to further soften the onions to taste and et voila with grilled cheese on toast floating on top, French Onion soup a la Anglais When I was very young a commercial packet soup labelled French Onion was know to my play group as Bovril with bitsin (or Oxo depending on the current favourite.)
—Guest Bazrev

Cold Turkey on Boxing Day

Yesterday's turkey is invariably dry and needs something juicy and tasty to help it down. Many years ago I came across a suggestion of Pickled Pineapple. Strain the juice from a tin of pineapple (rings or chunks, doesn't matter which) into a saucepan, add about the same amount of vinegar and a spoonful of pickling spices. Bring to the boil and simmer gently for a few minutes. When it's cooled add the pineapple and leave to combine for a day. The proportions of time and quantity are flexible to suit your personal taste as is adding a little sugar. A simple recipe for experimenting with and a great support for cold turkey

Great Blog!

Hey, I love your articles, I read them religiously and its inspired me to start up my own company to spread the british food word! Albeit from a different angle, thanks so much.
—Guest British Food

Fried rice

My first go-to dish for left overs. Sometimes it's the rice that's leftover, sometimes the meat and/or vegetables, sometimes all. The possibilities are endless.
—Guest Whispering Gums


I cant bear to throw food away so I freeze as much as I can. I love British Bubble and Squeak, its a great use of leftovers.

Souvenirs de la semaine dernier...

That's memories of last week for the rest of us. I keep a container in the freezer with leftover bits of vegetables, vegetable cooking liquids, the odd meat bone or scrap. When it is full, I simmer it with enough water for a soup - add anything needed, like onion, carrot, garlic or a stock cube, and voila, a thick soup. But don't use broccoli because if you do that's all you will taste.
—Guest londonferne

Make Frittatas

I like to use everything from leftover pasta, bread crumbs, and meat in frittatas. Just beat eggs with some seasonings and pour into a buttered skillet; cook until it starts to set, then add the leftovers. Finish the frittata under the broiler, sprinkle with some cheese if you have it, then eat. Yum.


I like to cook up some pasta such as penne or ziti the toss in leftover meat, steamed veggies, a can of diced tomatoes, and some grated cheese and bake it.
—Guest Kevin


I like to cook up some pasta such as penne or ziti the toss in leftover meat, steamed veggies, a can of diced tomatoes, and some grated cheese and bake it.
—Guest Kevin

Veg - Try Bubble and Squeak

The best meal of the week is leftover veg from Sunday lunch fried up into a bubble and squeak. Love it.

Can't use it, freeze it...

I keep a selection of freezer bags and boxes and if I think there is any reason I won't use leftovers I get them into the freezer (if they haven't been previously frozen). Am always happy when in a rush to find something ready made for dinner.

What Are Your Tips

My Favorite Uses for Left Over Food

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