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Readers Respond: Fish and Chips - Salt, Vinegar, Mayo. What do you like on yours?

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I like my fish and chips with just salt, my husband loves vinegar, some people like mayo but that's not for me. What do you put on yours, maybe nothing? What Do You Put on Yours?

Fish an Chips

Sea salt, black pepper, malt vinegar, Tartare sauce, fresh lemon
—Guest Anthony

What do i put in my fish and chips?

I always prefer salt, chillie and viniger.. As well as mustered sauce and tomatoe sauce.
—Guest Patience


Salt & Vinegar + HP Sauce, just like Harry Ramsden's

Traditional Way

Hit 'em with sea salt and ketchup that has a little balsamic vinegar mixed with it...try it!
—Guest TrueBlue

Chip shop curry sauce

Love the stuff! I prefer the sauce without sultanas though.
—Guest Sophie

Fish Chips

My mum was an English war bride and she always had vinegar on her fish and chips and I wouldnt have it any other way! Yummers
—Guest MaryAnn

no vinegar in New Zealand

I am a pom living in New Zealand. Here, they don't put vinegar on fish and chips, a must for me. We have kept emergency vinegar in the car. If you mention it, you receive a put down. Must have vinegar!
—Guest Cath

proper english fish chips

Malt vinegar of course! Couldn't imagine eating fish & chips without it. Yummy ;)
—Guest britgrl1

Gravy Baby

Got to love mushy peas and gravy mmmmmmmm....... or.curry sauce :)
—Guest David

Balsamic Vinegar

Balsamic vinegar as an alternative to malt is really nice, and it gives the chips a cool rustic brown look. So Balsamic and sea salt on chunky chips and light beer battered cod. Small portion size though as even a small portion is minimum 700 calories.
—Guest Moderator

Mayo and Ketchup

A blob of Mayo, same of Ketchup. dip into Mayo then Ketchup for the best tasting chipper chips :)
—Guest juls

Also I like

Poutine is also killer - Canadian bacon style gravy cheese with bacon
—Guest Pbrain

Absolutely anything - my favorites

Lea & Pereins with soy sauce. Tartare sauce Sweet & Sour Sauce Korma Baked beans Chili egg yolks miso
—Guest Pbrain


i always have curry sauce with ketchup on my fish and chips, always washed down with a cup of tea
—Guest loopyloo

Salt n Malt

I always eat my battered fresh roe (it has to fresh NOT tinned) and chips with the traditional salt and malt vinegar while watching Dr Who!
—Guest Michael C

What Do You Put on Yours?

Fish and Chips - Salt, Vinegar, Mayo. What do you like on yours?

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