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Readers Respond: Do You Have the Best Recipe for Chips

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From the article: The Best Chip Recipe Ever
Here I am talking about chips, as in deep-fried potato chips aka fries outside of the UK and Ireland. I am not talking about potato crisps again outside the UK known as potato chips. Confusing I know.

Debate rages on what makes a perfect chip. Is it the potato, the cooking fat or oil, the temperature or the number of times the chip is cooked; some swear triple cooking is the only way. Do you have a secret way to making the perfect chip? What is Your Secret Tip?

Secrets of the best chip ever?

Guest yantojarc is absolutely right about "Sarson's Vinegar"! Sarson's is a brand name of malt vinegar, but on most foods it is the best, nicer flavor than even Heinz. I personally loved the "soggy chip". I have never quite got the hang of it, but my mum and gran always said have the heat high enough to barely melt the lard and fry for a long time to get the most wonderfully-flavored chip! Incidentally, to make it taste even more like "salt and vinegar on chips", add 1/3 to 1/2 monosodium glutamate (“Accent”) to the salt for that eating-outside-from-newspaper-at-the-seaside flavor! Sadly they have not been able to be sold in old newspapers anymore for hygiene reasons, although some will use partially-printed pages from the color sections of newspapers, as these were bought specially and clean. The actual chips were always wrapped in a sheet of clean paper anyway, it was just old newspapers were wrapped around them to keep them hot while you ate them or get them home.
—Guest TeeK


Try my method.Cut 6ozs chips into preferred size & parboil for approx 3mins.Drain thoroughly then add 2 large teaspoons of cornflour to pan & coat thoroughly.Sprinkle over a few drops of water to dampen any flour still dry after absorbing any moisture left in pan.Fry chips at 160c for about 7 mins or coat with oil & oven bake.No need for long or twice cooking with this great method.
—Guest roger cole


As long as you have a good chipping potato like maris piper,king edward or markies and fry at 180 the chips will be great. Try and not use nrw potstoes as these can be very sweet. Oh yes and only salt and sarsons malt viinegar
—Guest yantojarc

Pick your Potatoes...

I prefer to use potatoes with high starch contents for frying -- what are called bakers by some -- and peel and slice by hand, which makes for nice irregularity. Wash, pat dry, salt, and then fry, either in olive oil or -- if I'm feeling decadent -- in lard, which adds a special something to the flavor. A little more salt when done, and I like them with mustard.
—Guest Kyle


I almost always fry twice...the first to blanch a bit; the second to crisp and brown at serving time. Not only do the fries have better texture this way, but it makes cooking in batches for a large family much easier.
—Guest Christine

Home Fries in Olive Oil

We make fried potatoes several times a week. Like Stephanie, we like the potatoes dry, then salt them just before frying. Although frying in animal fat makes fries taste great, we enjoy frying them in virgin olive oil for rich-tasting potatoes.

A nice soak and embrace the double fry!

I also "oil blanch" my potatoes (although I just call it double frying them, that is, frying them twice). Before I do that, though, I always soak them in cold water for a bit after cutting them, then dry them thoroughly before starting in on the double frying process - gets rid of some of the starch and helps them crisp up.
—Guest Molly

Dry potatoes and lard!

I think the driest potatoes work the best, so I wipe my potatoes with paper towels before frying. I'm also a big fan of frying with lard - pure lard from pigs raised on pasture. Not the hydrogenated fake lard sold in many supermarkets. It adds flavor and makes the fries (chips) wonderfully crisp.
—Guest Stephanie

Oil Blanching

When I was in culinary school, it was a revelation for me to learn that oil-blanched fries were the way to a perfect product. To this day, I oil blanch fries, cool them, refrigerate them, if necessary, and deep fry them at service time. The other thing I like to do is fry them in beef fat or duck fat. Not the healthiest thing to do, but yummy!

What is Your Secret Tip?

Do You Have the Best Recipe for Chips

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