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Bristol Food Blog

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Bristol Bite Food Blog

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We are Em and Al – a Bristol-based couple sharing a common interest in food: its sources and origins, cooking, eating out and – most importantly – finding new ways of expanding our knowledge and experience in this area.

Neither of us has been in Bristol for a huge amount of time, and we’re both keen to spend more time exploring the area in which we live, so that it feels more and more like home. Until recently I don’t think either of us had realised just how much Bristol has to offer, and so decided to create a blog on the subject – not only to catalogue our own journey, but to share our discoveries with others.

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Our blog is only a few weeks old - our first post was on January 20th, 2010. Since then, we have created eleven posts so far, and aim to update the blog at least once every couple of days. Frequency depends on how much food-related stuff we've been doing in that week!


  • Keep some posts saved as drafts for the days when you're feeling too lazy to create new content but need to get something else up onto the site!

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