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Make the Perfect Macaron Every Time
Macarons have a unenviable reputation for being difficult to make. They aren't the easiest, but they are not so difficult as you can see with this recipe.
The Best, Quick and Easy Yorkshire Pudding Recipe
Yorkshire pudding is one of Britain's favourite and most popular dishes. Contrary to what is often said, making Yorkshire puddings is so easy and quick with this traditional recipe.
Hot Cross Buns: an Easy Traditional Hot Cross...
A quick, easy traditional hot cross bun recipe which creates a super tasty bun. Irresistibly tasty, especially served warm with lots of butter.
Try This 3-Ingredient Traditional Flapjack...
Traditional Flapjack: Quick, Easy Recipe for the Best Flapjack
5 Tips for Juicy, Delectable Roast Beef
Roast Beef and Yorkshire Puddings, it is the national dish and loved by everyone. I am often asked how to cook perfect roast beef and it is easy with these 5 handy tips.
A Quick and Easy Shortcrust Pastry Recipe
The easiest and most versatile pastry recipes is a basic shortcrust pastry recipe. The pastry can be made by hand or in a food processor.
Perfect Roast Pork Recipe
A perfect roast pork means a delicious crisp crackling with tender, moist meat. It really is so easy to do as you can see in this perfect roast pork recipe.
Easy British Bread and Butter Pudding
Bread and Butter Pudding is one of the easiest, and cheap puddings to make, take a look at this recipe and you'll see why.
The Difference between Raisins, Sultanas and...
There is much confusion about the difference between dried fruits, particularly raisins, sultanas and currants.
Cauliflower Cheese Recipe
Cauliflower cheese is a quintessentially traditional British food served traditionally with a Sunday lunch, but equally good as a side or a vegetarian dish.
Traditional British Apple Crumble
A traditional British Apple Crumble is so delicious and so easy to make. There is no more quintessential British pudding than the crumble.
Traditional British Sherry Trifle Recipe
A perfectly delicious Traditional Sherry Trife Recipe.
Easy Rock Cake or Rock Bun Recipe
The easiest buns in the world to make are traditional British rock cakes, also known as Rock Buns. They come out perfect every time. Simply delicious warm from the oven with a little butter and a cup of tea.
Easy Jam Tart Recipe for Traditional Jam Tarts
Jam tarts are one of the first things my mum ever taught me to bake probably because a jam tart recipe is just so easy
Fish Pie Recipe
Fish Pie is one of those dishes which can be eaten at any time of year. It is quick and easy to make and which fish to use is up to you. It makes a perfect lunch or dinner dish.
Rich Onion Gravy Recipe
So quick and easy, an onion gravy is the best accompaniment to many great British and Irish dishes, no Toad in the Hole or Bangers and Mash is complete without it.
Traditional Crumpet Recipe
A Recipe for a delicious tea time treat of traditional British Crumpets.
Left Over Hot Cross Bun Pudding - Perfect
The best way to use up left over hot cross buns - Hot Cross Bun Pudding, delicious.
A Flippin' Good Recipe for Perfect Pancakes
Making this pancake recipe is quick and easy and are always very popular. It is the perfect pancake for Pancake Day (aka Shrove Tuesday and Mardi Gras).
Wrap Your Lamb in Blanket for Perfect Lamb...
For perfectly cooked roast leg of lamb, one of the best ways to cook it is with this Lamb in a Blanket Recipe.
Celebrating Easter in Britain and Ireland
In Britain and Ireland Easter is similar throughout all four countries and involves traditional cooking and baking; the highlight of the weekend of festivities involving copious amounts of chocolate egg
Bubble and Squeak Recipe
Bubble and Squeak as seen here in this Bubble and Squeak recipe is the name for fried left-over vegetables usually from a Sunday lunch.
Traditional Apple Pie Recipe
A Traditional Apple Pie Recipe that is quick and easy to make for a perfect tea time treat.
Roast Beetroot Recipe
This roast beetroot recipe it is simple and easy, and the result, beetroot with an intensified sweet flavour.
Top Tips for Perfect Macarons
Macarons may not be the easiest to make, be assured though, with these top tips you should have perfect macarons every time.
Easy Chocolate Cake Recipe: Kathleen's...
This delicious and easy Chocolate Cake Recipe comes from the recipe collection of a friend's mother.
Scottish Recipes: Scottish Tablet Recipe
Recipe for Scottish tablet, the fudge-like, very sweet candy from Scotland
Easy, and Perfect Roast Potatoes Recipe
Crispy, crunchy perfect roast potatoes are so easy to achieve as you can see in this super-easy roast potato recipe.
Tips to Make a Feather Light Sponge Cake
Many dread making a sponge cake, afraid it will be heavy, or worse-still, not rise. Making a feather light sponge is much easier than you think, take a look at these tips to see how.
Fruit Scones Recipe
Home made fruit scones for afternoon tea are made quickly and easily as in this recipe. They are delicious hot or cold and are a major part in any afternoon tea.
Easy Cottage Pie Recipe
Cottage pie makes a delicious and quick supper dish with this easy Cottage pie recipe.
Eton Mess, A Classic British Dessert
Eton Mess is an all-time classic British dessert and an Eton Mess recipe must be included in any list of strawberry recipes.
Everything Stops for Tea - Afternoon Tea Recipes
Once-upon-a time-everything in the UK and Ireland did stop for tea, an Afternoon Tea. Afternoon tea recipes aren't complicated but do need a little planning.
Egg Custard Tart - Custard Tart Recipe
Baked egg custard tart is an all-time classic British and Irish tart that brings back fond childhood memories for many. Very easy to make and delicious to eat.
Scottish Shortbread Recipe
An irresistibly, delicious, traditional Scottish shortbread recipe
Anyone for Pimms? History and Recipe for Pimm's
A Pimm's is so quick and easy to prepare as you can see in this Pimm's Recipe for Pimm's No 1 Cup
Easy, peasy delicious Simnel Cake for Easter
A Simnel Cake recipe rich with fruits, spices and marzipan and easier to make than you think. Perfect for Easter.
The Quintessential Classic British Cake - The...
The Victoria Sponge Cake is the British classic cake. Quick and simple to make with this recipe and handy tips.
How To Sterilise Jars for Jams and Preserves
A clean sterilised jar is essential to the success and longevity of the jams and preserves you spend a lot of time making.
Traditional Irish Stew Recipe
Synonomous with the food and cooking of Ireland is of course the Irish Stew. The stew is quite simple to make and relies purely on really good lamb and vegetables and some time.
Sticky Toffee Pudding Recipe
Rich, tasty, and most certainly sticky .... sticky toffee pudding is the ultimate in great British puddings.
Cornish Pasty - Cornish Pasty Recipe
The Cornish pasty is known and loved throughout Great Britain and Ireland and not surprisingly when a Cornish pasty recipe is so simple and easy.
What is the Difference between Raisins,...
There is often great confusion on the difference between dried fruits used in British cooking - the 3 most popular being raisins, sultanas and currants.
Make Classic British Scones, Guaranteed to...
Home made scones are a delicious treat. Both sweet and savoury are so quick and easy to make as you can see in this classic British scone recipe.
Roast Pork - Tips for Perfect Roast Pork
Roast pork is perfect for the Sunday Roast. Follow these handy tips and instructions to create the perfect roast pork.
What is the Difference Between Afternoon Tea...
Afternoon Tea and High Tea are often confused but their differences are clear and concise.
Turkey Roasting Guide - Calculate Roast Turkey...
Turkey Roasting Guide - How to calculate your roast turkey cooking times to create the perfect roast turkey easily and safely.
10 Top Easter Recipes
Easter Recipes and a Collection of lovely traditional British Easter recipes with an easy hot cross buns.
Perfect Mashed Potatoes Recipe
Perfect mashed potatoes every time.
Slow-cooked Brisket and Rich Gravy Recipe
Brisket is a cheap and versatile cut of beef making it perfect for long slow cooking.
The Easiest Shepherd's Pie ...ever
One of the quickest and easiest supper dishes is a shepherds pie. As you can see with this easy Shepherds Pie recipe, traditionally the pie is made with ground lamb, but if using ground beef it would be called a Cottage Pie.
Bangers and Mash aka Sausage and Mash Recipe
Bangers and Mash, a traditional British recipe loved by everyone. Bangers and Mash is the familiar term for sausages and mashed potatoes. Served with a thick, rich onion gravy - delicious.
Traditional and Easy Gravy for Roast Beef Recipe
A delicious traditional gravy recipe made with the pan juices is the best accompaniment to Roast Beef and Yorkshire Puddings. Traditional gravy is so quick and easy to make once the meat is cooked.
Family Size Toad in the Hole Recipe
Making Toad in the Hole is super easy and quick. This Toad in the Hole recipe shows how to make a family size dish, great for cutting into chunky squares.
Chocolate Macaron Recipe: Perfect Macarons...
Macarons have a reputation for being difficult to make. They aren't the easiest but these helpful tips help you can make perfect Macarons every time.
Traditional English Parsley Sauce Recipe
A traditional English parsley sauce recipe is a classic of the British kitchen. Perfect with fish, ham or vegetables.
Perfect Pickled Onion Recipe
Pickled onions are a treasure in the British food larder, no self-respecting pie or Ploughman's would be seen without one.
Make the perfect cheese scone every time....
Use this classic cheese scone recipe to make perfect scones every time.
The Best Fish and Chips Recipe
Fish and Chips, the British national dish and loved by everyone. You can buy great fish and chips from a fish and chip shop, even famous ones like the Magpie in Whitby or, even better, you can make your own with this fish and chips recipe.
Traditional Mushy Peas Recipe
A Traditional Mushy Peas Recipe. the ideal accompaniment for fish and chips and so easy and cheap to make.
Roast Parsnips Recipe
Roast parsnips are an integral part of a British Sunday lunch or roast and essential on the Christmas table. The roasting caramelises the outside of the parsnip making it sweet and tasty.
Northumberland Pan Haggerty Recipe
Pan Haggerty is a famous British food from Northumberland, though it can be found across the whole of the north east and most of England, it is a filling dish and a great accompaniment to meat. Kids love Pan Haggerty.
Chocolate Buttercream Icing Recipe
Delicious, sweet, buttercream icing, the perfect partner for cakes, buns and cupcakes
The Best Chip Recipe - How to Make Perfect Chips
What Makes the Perfect Chip in this Best Chip Recipe.
Beef Stew and Suet Dumplings Recipe
Beef Stew and Dumplings Recipe is a classic British dish and perfect for a cold winters day.
Mixed Spice: What is Mixed Spice in British Food?
Mixed spice occurs frequently in British cooking. It is a carefully blended spice mix which is bought ready made
Lemon Posset - Lemon Posset Recipe
There's nothing easier than a Lemon Posset recipe for a quick, and deliciously tangy pudding - perfect for summer days.
Chicken Pie Recipe - British Chicken, Leek and...
This chicken pie recipe is easy to make, and in a hurry, you can use ready made pastry. Using meat from the legs and thighs of the chicken not only gives a richer flavor, these cuts are also much cheaper.
Pea Puree Recipe
Pea Puree - Pea Purée Recipe
Chicken Tikka Masala Recipe - Creamy Version
A delightfully simple and quick Chicken Tikka Masala recipe with a spicy yet creamy finish. Delicious.
Traditional Rhubarb Crumble Recipe
Delicate, slender stems of early Rhubarb appearing in the shops is always cause for celebration and what better way to use them than in this Classic Rhubarb Crumble recipe. Traditional rhubarb crumble, the perfect comfort food.
Traditional Spotted Dick Pudding Recipe
Pudding, the backbone of British food and none more than a steamed Spotted Dick Pudding recipe. One of many great British puddings. The name always guaranteed to raise a smile.
Traditional Rich Fruit Cake Recipe
The perfect tea time (or any other time) treat is a slice of delicious rich fruit cake. It is a classic British recipe and very easy to make with just a little planning.
Braised Lamb Shanks Recipe
One of my favorite recipes for slowly cooked, Braised Lamb Shanks
Prawn Cocktail Recipe
This Prawn Cocktail Recipe is easy to make and is a tasty starter dish.
Plopping Away Chutney - An Easy Rhubarb Chutney...
A quick and easy recipe for a delicious Rhubarb Chutney
Faggots Recipe
A traditional Faggots Recipe. British & Irish Food.
English Muffins Recipe
English Muffins are a delicious tea-time treat.
Perfect Scottish Porridge Recipe
Scottish porridge is delicious, warming and very easy to make as you can see in the porridge recipe.
Traditional Bakewell Tart Recipe
Bakewell tart comes from the picturesque town of Bakewell in the Derbyshire Peak District. It is quick and easy to make.
What is a Full Breakfast?
: What is a Full Breakfast? Throughout Britain and Ireland the Full breakfast is popular. It is not now
Roast Chicken - Tips for Perfect Roast Chicken
Roast Chicken is perfect for the Sunday Roast, it doesn't always have to be beef. Here are some handy hints and tips to create the perfect chicken.
Strawberry and Cream Sponge Cake Recipe
Traditional Strawberry and Cream Sponge Cake is a traditional British cake. It celebrates all the best of British baking and summer strawberries. A classic cake recipe.
Pea and Mint Soup Recipe
This Pea and Mint Soup Recipe is quick and easy to make and delicious served either hot or cold.
Gelatine - Powder or Leaves?
Gelatine - Powder or Leaves is often the conundrum of the cook, which is better and how much to use. Find answers to all these questions here.
Sausage Roll Recipe
The perfect snack, party or lunch box food is a classic British sausage roll. So quick and easy to make.
Chickpea Curry - Chickpea Curry Recipe
A quick and easy Chickpea Curry Recipe that is better if made a day in advance
Bring Potatoes to Your St Patrick's Party
Colcannon is a favorite Irish recipe and a particular favorite on St Patrick's Day. It is a quick, easy and simple Irish recipe to make, as you can see from this Colcannon recipe,
Kedgeree Recipe
A quick and easy recipe for delicious Kedgeree. A perfect dish for breakfast, lunch or supper.
Rich or Sweet Pastry Recipe
Basic shortcrust pastry is one of the easiest pastry to make, it is versatile and works for both for sweet or savory dishes. Occasionally, a sweet pastry or rich shortcrust as it is known is needed.
Proper Custard Sauce Recipe
Custard is so easy to make and makes the perfect partner for all great British puddings.
Wild garlic - ever wondered what it is?
Wild garlic is a bulbous, perennial plant which grows wild in damp woodlands, and often found in fenlands or near water drainage ditches. Wild garlic can be found throughout Europe
What is Boxing Day? Why is it Called Boxing Day
What is Boxing Day and Why is it Called Boxing Day
Treacle Tart Recipe
The perfect, traditional Treacle Tart recipe.
Beef and Guinness Pie Recipe
Beef and Guinness Pie brings together two of Ireland's most famous products, Irish beef and the dark stout, known as Guinness.
Scottish Recipes: Traditional Stovies Recipe
Recipe for traditional Scottish Stovies. A delightful and easy to cook dish usually made with the leftovers from a Sunday roast.
What is the Difference Between a Cornish and...
Though the differences between a Cornish and a Devon Cream tea are subtle, can you spot the difference?
Chicken Consomme - Easy Chicken Consommé...
Easy Chicken Consomme Recipe or Clear Chicken Soup Recipe
Tattie Scones Recipe
A delightful and delicious Tattie Scone recipe ideal for serving at breakfast.
Traditional Cornish Pasty Recipe
The Cornish pasty is loved throughout the UK even though it originates in Cornwall. . Whatever the origins, a Cornish Pasty Recipe is so easy and fairly quick to make
Easy Elderflower Cordial Recipe
Elderflower Cordial is so quick and easy to make, is refreshing and easy to drink on a hot summers day, and can be used in many different recipes.
The Best Scotch Egg Recipe
The Scotch Egg was once a favourite traditional British recipe but it disappeared but now, is back in a lighter and tastier version.
Super Simple Rhubarb Fool Recipe
One of the simplest and delicious desserts, a super, simple rhubarb fool recipe.
Ploughman's Lunch - What is a Ploughman's Lunch
Ploughman's Lunch - What is a Ploughman's Lunch
Yorkshire Parkin Recipe
Parkin is the Northern English form of gingerbread but there are different parkins throughout the country with Yorkshire Parkin the most famous,is made using oats.
Scottish Cullen Skink - Smoked Haddock Chowder...
Cullen Skink is also known as Smoked Haddock Chowder Recipe. Cullen is a town in North East Scotland and gives its name to this easy and delicious dish.
My Mum's Oxtail Stew Recipe
This oxtail stew recipe is the one my mum used to make, it is easy to make but is best made a day or two in advance.
10 Leek Recipes - Recipes Using Leeks
The leek is such a versatile vegetable, add to almost any savoury dish and it will enhance the flavour as a background or support act such as in a stew, soup or stock. The leeks bold, onion-like flavour can also stand forward as the main ingredient as in the leek recipes below.
The Ultimate Lemon Meringue Pie Recipe
Lemon Meringue Pie is a famous traditional British dish. Sadly the Lemon Meringue Pie fell out of fashion in recent years but I am glad to see it is once again back on the menu.
Easy Coronation Chicken Recipe
Coronation Chicken is a great way to use up leftover chicken. The classic dish was reputed to have been invented for the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in 1952 and has seen a resurgence for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee in 2012.
Classic Beef Wellington Recipe
This Classic Beef Wellington Recipe from Angela Boggiano's delicious book is a classic British recipe. Beef Wellington was named after the Duke of Wellington in 1851 and graced British tables ever since.
The Origins, History and Serving of Afternoon Tea
The History of Afternoon Tea. There is no more quintessential Englishness than the ceremony and serving of Afternoon Tea, or in Scotland, High Tea.
Thermomix - Thermomix Review
Thermomix - Thermomix Review. British & Irish Food.
Easy Meat Gravy Recipes and Recipes for...
Sunday lunch or a roast meat, be it chicken, beef, pork, whatever, usually demands a good, traditional meat gravy. A gravy recipe is so easy, there really is no reason to buy ready made.
Chicken Balti Curry Recipe
Chicken Balti curry is one of Britain's favourite curries, quick and easy to make.
How to Cook the Perfect Sunday Roast
The Sunday Roast is a British institution. Traditionally it will be a roast beef but other roasts (chicken, lamb and pork) work just as well, here are hints and tips to make them all perfect.
5 Top Tips for Making the Lightest and Tastiest...
Make the lightest scones ever with these 5 tops tips for a classic British scone.
Steak and Kidney Pie Recipe
This classic Steak and Kidney Pie Recipe will be a firm favourite at meal times. It is a classic British dish still loved everywhere.
What We Adore About Britain and Britain's...
In a recent poll , when asked what do the British love about Britain the Bacon Butty (bacon sandwich) came top of the list. What are Britain's top 50 foods.
My Traditional British Christmas Cake Recipe
Christmas Cake and My All-Time Classic Christmas Cake Recipe. No British Christmas is complete without a traditional Christmas cake full of fruits, nuts and brandy.
Easter Menu: Easter Lunch Recipes
Delicious recipes for Easter to create the perfect Easter menu.
The Great British Sunday Lunch and Sunday Roast...
British Sunday lunch is also known as a Sunday Roast and is the very heart of British food and cooking. The time for families or friends to get together and share good food with these Sunday Lunch recipes.
Cider and Pork Casserole Recipe
A winning combination of pork and cider makes this a delicious supper dish year-round.
Yorkshire Pudding Recipe - Step by Step
Yorkshire Pudding Recipe - Step by Step
All About Fish and Chips in Britain and Ireland
Just where did the wonderful dish fish and chips comes from and how come it is one of Britain's national dishes.
Celebrate St George's Day with 30 Top English...
St George's Day is the national Saint day in England and what better way to celebrate than with 30 traditional English Recipes.
Eccles Cakes - Eccles Cake Recipe
An extremely quick and easy Eccles Cake Recipe
My Yorkshire Puddings Won't Rise
Yorkshire puddings are so easy to make but sometimes things can go wrong. If you have ever wondered why your Yorkshire puddings won't rise....
Green Pea and Ham Soup Recipe
Green pea and ham soup is the perfect soup to use up leftover cooked ham in a hearty, warming soup.
Chicken and Leek Soup Recipe
This Chicken and Leek soup is also known as Cock-a-Leekie Soup in Scotland
Vegetable Frittata Recipe
Make a quick, easy supper dish with this Vegetable frittata Recipe.
Traditional Lancashire Hotpot Recipe
Lancashire Hotpot is one the most famous (but not only) dish to come out of the north-western county of England. It is hearty and filling and cheap to make.
Roasted Rhubarb Recipe
Rhubarb Recipes and delicious Roasted Rhubarb
Stuffed Leg of Lamb Recipe
What better to serve early spring lamb than this delicious Stuffed Leg of Lamb Recipe.
Steak and Kidney Pudding Recipe
Steak and Kidney Pudding is a great British classic recipe full of tender, meat in a thick sauce. The Steak and Kidney Pudding recipe may at first look a little daunting, but don’t be put off, it is actually quite straightforward and all the efforts are well worth it. It's a delicious dish.
Irish Liqueur Bread and Butter Pudding Recipe
Bread and Butter Pudding is one of the easiest puddings to make and this Irish Liqueur Bread and Butter Pudding Recipe is a great twist on the original.
The Best Traditional British Christmas Pudding...
Christmas is not Christmas without a Pudding. This is my favourite Christmas Pudding Recipe, I have been making it for years and everyone loves it.
Marmite vs Vegemite
Marmite is a rich, dark brown yeast spread, Vegemite the same, but why are some more liked than others? Marmite goes head to head with Vegemite, which is better?
Easy Christmas Mince Pie Recipe
Quick and easy traditional mince pie recipe.
Pastry - Tips for Making Shortcrust Pastry,...
Pastry - Tips for Making Shortcrust Pastry
Lamb Recipes for Easter - or Any Time of Year.
Lamb is such a delicious meat with its soft texture and sweet taste. Here are some favourite lamb recipes perfect for Easter.
Leftover Vegetable Soup Recipe
Leftover Vegetable Soup Recipe. British & Irish Food.
English Food - The Food and Cooking of England
The Food and Cooking of England is at its best, hearty, simple and delicious. Food developed to feed an empire, steeped in history and heritage.
Pork & Onion Meat Balls with Sundried Tomato...
Simple, easy and very tasty Pork & Onion Meat Balls made with great British onions served with Sundried Tomato Sauce
Easy and Delicious Lemon Roast Chicken Recipe
Roast chicken is a popular, tasty ways to serve chicken. However, an easy, lemon roast chicken is even more delicious. Try it, I know you will agree.
English Afternoon Tea - A Great British Custom
English afternoon tea is one of the greatest British customs, so loved is the tea is has spread across the world.
Strawberry Jelly Recipe
With this strawberry jelly recipe you can see how easy it is to make.
What exactly did they eat on the Titanic on...
Different foods were served on the Titanic depending on what class you were traveling in. What did those passengers eat? Page 2.
Luxurious Oaty Apple Crumble Recipe
Apple crumble is on of Britain's most popular puddings. Make your crumble luxurious with the addition of oats and dried fruits which creates a lovely crisp oaty topping.
A Kiss and a Coddle - Dublin Coddle Recipe
Coddle is a traditional Irish dish usually associated with Dublin and known also as Dublin Coddle. This Dublin Coddle recipe is comfort food of the highest degree.

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