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British & Irish Food: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.
How to Roast the Perfect Turkey in 7 Easy Steps
Wonder how long it takes to cook a turkey? How to cook the perfect turkey? This guide to roasting the perfect turkey will answer all your questions.
How to Make Perfect Yorkshire Puddings Every Time
Elaine Lemm is the author of the world's only book on Yorkshire Puddings. Her easy recipe for perfect Yorkshire puddings is deemed a classic.
How to Stop an Avocado Going Brown - No Lemons...
The easiest and best method to stop an avocado turning brown which does not affect the taste or the texture. No lemons involved.
What's the Difference Between Raisins,...
What is the difference between the dried fruits of raisins, sultanas and currants used in British cooking? Quite a lot when you read the explanation.
THere's More than Turkey at Christmas with...
There's more than Turkey for Christmas. If you want to ring the changes with your Christmas table here are 8 different Christmas Roast to consider.
Ever Wondered What Boxing Day is and Where it...
Ever wondered what is Boxing Day and where it gets its name from. Wonder no longer. Here are the reasons and traditions surrounding the special day.
Xmas Isn't Xmas Without a Traditional Christmas...
At first glance, a traditional Christmas cake may look daunting, it is not. Follow this recipe for success every time and a special Christmas treat.
Stir Up Sunday - The Time to Make Christmas...
Christmas is not Christmas without a Pudding. This is my favourite Christmas Pudding Recipe, I have been making it for years and everyone loves it.
10 Steps to Making Easy Christmas Mince Pies
This easy traditional mince pie recipe is a part of a classic British Christmas. Mince pies are so quick to make and delicious to eat, so make plenty.
You Can't Beat a Perfect, Pickled Onion and So...
Pickled onions are a treasure in the British larder and so easy to make; no pie or Ploughman's would be seen without one.
Make the Shortcrust Pastry. It Really is Very...
Classic shortcrust pastry really is so quick and easy to make. It is the most versatile of all pastry recipes for all your pies, pasties and tarts.
Simply the Easiest British Bread and Butter...
Traditional Bread and Butter Pudding truly is one of the easiest, and cheap puddings to make. Take a look at my recipe and you will see why. Yummy.
Whether Macarons or Macaroons, Make Yours...
Whether macaron, or macaroons, making perfect ones is easy. Use this recipe and handy tips for your macarons, you will be delighted with the results.
The Best British Puddings: Apple Crumble Recipe
A traditional British Apple Crumble is so delicious and so easy to make. There is no more quintessential British pudding than the crumble.
5 Top Tips for the Best Roast Beef
5 top tips for making the perfect roast beef for your Sunday roast. Nothing could be easier.
Luscious Sherry Trifle - One of Britain's...
One of Britain's favourite desserts is a traditional English Trifle. This is the perfect trifle for your celebrations, or to make simply as a treat.
Fill Your Christmas Pies with Cracking Homemade...
Make your own Christmas mincemeat and fill your home-made mince pies for a classic Christmas treat. No Christmas is complete without them.
Home-Made British Apple Pie
A traditional British apple pie recipe which is both quick and easy to make. Lovely as a dessert or a perfect tea time treat.
Thanksgiving may not be a British Tradition but...
Thanksgiving in Britain is fast becoming a popular celebration. Here's all you need for your own celebration and delicious Thanksgiving dinner.
Super Easy Ways to Ice a Christmas Cake
You really do not need to be a professional cake decorater to ice a Christmas Cake, it is not that difficult, just follow these few simple steps.
The Best Way to Use Leftovers from a Sunday Lunch
Classic Bubble and Squeak is the delightfully named dish of fried leftover vegetables from a Sunday lunch and traditionally eaten on a Monday.
Everyone Can Make These Traditional Rock Cakes
These traditional British rock cakes are simply the easiest buns in the world to make and a great favourite with children both to make and to eat.
Cracking Crackling and Perfect Roast Pork
Cooking the perfect roast pork and crunchy crackling is so easy to do. Follow this recipe for a areliable and trusted method to achieve both.
Delicious, Gooey Flapjack So Easy to Make.
This hard to beat Traditional British flapjack recipe is not only super quick and easy to make, it is sticky and yummy too.
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Your Guide to a Stress-Free British Christmas...
Step by Step Christmas Dinner the menu for a perfect and stress free Christmas dinner.
7 Steps to Making Hearty Beef Stew and Suet...
Beef Stew and Dumplings Recipe is a classic British dish, a filling dish, perfect for a cold winters day.
Trusted Methods for Sterilizing Jars for Jams...
As a clean sterilised jar is essential to the success and longevity preserves here are the trusted methods for perfect, clean jars every time.
5 Ingredients and 5 Steps for Delicious...
An irresistible, delicious, traditional Scottish shortbread recipe in 5 easy steps. Good at any time fo year but a must for the New Year and Hogmanay.
8 Top Tips for Making Make a Feather Light...
If you are afraid your sponge cake will be heavy, or worse-still, not rise, it is much easier than you think with these 8 top tips
Super Delicious Sticky Onion Gravy - Perfect...
This quick and easy, an onion gravy is the best accompaniment to great British foods; no Toad in the Hole or Bangers and Mash is complete without it.
Work Out Your Turkey Roasting Times Quickly and...
Knowing how long to cook a turkey is easy. Simply work out the weight of the turkey and find the cooking times with this easy table to show you how.
All the Recipes You Need for a Lovely Afternoon...
Afternoon Tea British custom with its origins in 19th century England. Here are all the recipes you need to make yours perfect.
Easy Cauliflower Cheese in just 7 Steps
Cauliflower cheese is an easy to make traditional British food served traditionally with a Sunday lunch, but good as a side or a vegetarian dish.
What is the Difference Between Afternoon Tea...
Afternoon Tea and High Tea are often confused but their differences are clear and concise.
3 Simple Steps to a Traditional Irish Stew
A traditional Irish stew is a delicious, hearty and filling dish loved around the world and so easy to make.
Got Offal? Try This Traditional British Recipe...
Faggots are a traditional British hearty, filling and cheap food made of offal and various meat which fell out of fashion but are now back.
Answers to the 10 Most Important Christmas...
The 10 most important Christmas cookery questions which come up every year. Here are answers to ensure your Christmas is perfect and stress free
How to Make Easy Roasted Beetroot
This roast beetroot recipe is simple and easy creating beetroot with an intense, sweet flavour, ready to use in recipes calling for beets. Delicious.
Do You Know What Suet Is and What You Can Use...
Suet is a popular ingredient in British and Irish Food. It is made from animal fat but there are some great vegetarian alternatives to suet.
Boozy Brandy (or Rum) Sauce for the Christmas...
No British Christmas would be the same without a traditional Christmas pudding with a dollop of an easy to make delicious brandy sauce poured over it.
What Do You Think Is In a Full English Breakfast?
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Easy Turkey Gravy Recipe
A simple but delicious Turkey Gravy Recipe. So easy to make.
Simple and Quick - Make the Perfect Pimm's
Pimms is the English drink of summer and loved round the world. It is shockingly easy to make, check out the recipe to see just how easy.
All the Recipes You Need for a Great Sunday Lunch
Making a Sunday Roast is not so difficult with this collection of handy hints and tips and all the recipes you need for the perfect Sunday roast.
5 Easy Steps to Perfect Mashed Potatoes
How to make the perfect mashed potato every time. It is easy and quick with these few simple steps.
5 Easy Steps to Making the best Victoria Sponge...
The Victoria Sponge Cake is the British classic cake. Quick and simple to make with this recipe and handy tips.
Britain's Top Foods and Drinks - No Surprise at...
The Bacon Butty (bacon sandwich) came top of Britain's Top 50 Favourites list. What are the rest?
Step by Step to Making Yorkshire Puddings with...
Make your Yorkshire Puddings a success every time with this foolproof recipe and step by step instructions. It could not be easier.
Easy and So British - Traditional Mushy Peas
A Traditional Mushy Peas Recipe is the traditional accompaniment for fish and chips and pies and so easy and cheap to make.
A Christmas Classic: Traditional Scottish...
The classic for Christmas if the traditional Scottish Dundee cake. Full of fruits, ornage and a wee drop of Whisky. Delicious.
Super Easy Traditional British Jam Tarts
Jam tarts are one of the first things my mum taught me to bake, probably because they are so easy. Great for using up leftover pastry.
7 Easy Steps to a Great British Sausage Roll
This quick, easy recipe for a traditional British sausage roll makes the perfect snack, party or lunch box food. Serve hot or cold, they are always delicious.
6 Easy Steps to Perfect Yorkshire Parkin
Traditional Yorkshire Parkin cake is the cake of autumn nights and bonfires. Filled with ginger and spices to warm you from top to toe.
10 Steps to the Perfect Cornish Pastry
A cornish pasty is so easy to make. This recipe shows you how to make a classic pasty filled with beef and vegetables. Perfect for lunch.
Your Step-by-Step Guide to Making British...
An essential part of making a Christmas cake - the recipe.
Time to Make a Pudding and a Wish on Stir Up...
As November creeps to ward Christmas it is time to make the Christmas Pudding on Stir Up Sunday. When? Find out here.
How to Make a Traditional English Parsley Sauce
A traditional English parsley sauce recipe is a classic of the British kitchen. Perfect with fish, ham or vegetables.
How to Make Classic Scones In Less than 30...
Home made British and Irish scones are a delicious treat. They are so quick and easy to make as you can see in this classic scone recipe.
8 Steps to a Traditional Rich Fruit Cake
The perfect tea time treat is a slice of delicious rich fruit cake. It is a classic British recipe and very easy to make with just a little planning.
13 Top Tips for Perfect Macarons
Macarons may not be the easiest to make, be assured though, with these 13 top tips you will have perfect macarons every time.
Stovies are Hearty Scottish Cooking at its Best
Stovies are Scottish cooking at its best.; a delightful and easy to cook dish usually made with the leftovers from a Sunday roast.
Do You Know the Difference Between Jam, Jelly...
British food would be lost without jams, jellies and marmalades. They are hugely popular but to do you know what makes each of them different?
10 Steps to the Perfect Sticky Toffee Pudding
Sticky toffee pudding is the ultimate in great British puddings. Easy to make, rich, sweet and most certainly sticky.
Top to Toe Warming with a Delicious Cottage Pie...
Top to toe warming with a delicious and hearty cottage pie recipe. Perfect for those cooler days and a great way to use up leftovers.
Afternoon Tea Time? Traditional Crumpets Are a...
No afternoon tea is complete without delicious, tasty English crumpets. The perfect comfort food with lashings of butter.
All You Need for Your Boxing Day Food and Drink
Boxing Day food needs to be easier and more relaxed than Christmas Day. Find out what traditional Boxing Day food in Britain is.
All You Need to Know About Making Pastry
Making pastry really is not as difficult as many imagine. On these pages all you need to know about making great pastry.
Easy Peasy Pease Pudding Recipe
Pease pudding is also called peas pudding as it is made with yellow split peas. Pease pudding is a traditional dish from North East England.
All the Meat Gravy Recipes You Will Ever Need
Why buy gravy when it is so easy to make. Here are all the meat gravy recipes you will need for your roast or meat dishes.
Is a Thermomix Worth the Price? An Honest Answer.
Many claims are made about how amazing the Thermomix is in the kitchen but is it? Here is an honest review of the new Thermomix TM5.
A Cracking Recipe for the Perfect Christmas...
Turkey is now the Christmas bird with a Roast Turkey and Sage and Onion a favourite recipe. This classic recipe ensures yours is perfect every time.
Steak and Kidney Pie: Don't Be Afraid of this...
This classic Steak and Kidney Pie Recipe is a firm favourite at British meal times. Both hearty and filing, it is the perfect winter dish.
11 Tips to Make Sure Your Yorkshire Puddings...
Yorkshire puddings are so easy to make but sometimes things can go wrong. If you have ever wondered why your Yorkshire puddings won't rise....
How to Make a Simple Sweet Shortcrust Pastry
Sweet pastry is a wonderful rich pastry and is perfect for pies, tarts and desserts and so easy to make.
Cooked Low and Slow, Lancashire Hotpot Is a...
Lancashire Hotpot is hearty filling dish which is and also, cheap and easy to make. Hotpot is one of the most famous dishes of North West England.
What Is Mixed Spice in British Food?
Mixed spice occurs frequently in British cooking. It is a carefully blended spice mix which is bought ready made.
The Best Classic Egg Custard Tart Recipe
Baked egg custard tart is an all-time classic tart that brings back fond childhood memories for many. Very easy to make and delicious to eat.
Top Tips to Create the Perfect Roast Pork
Top tips on ow to choose and to cook the perfect roast pork every time. It really is straightforward.
The Best Roasties in 5 Easy Steps
Make perfect roast potatoes every time with these 5 simple steps and you will have crisp golden potatoes with a soft, fluffy centre every time.
Easy to Make and Delicious to Eat -Traditional...
This traditional Fish Pie is quick and easy to make and which fish to use is up to you. The perfect lunch or dinner dish.
Make Your Own Bangers and Mash In 8 Simple Steps
Bangers and Mash, a traditional British recipe loved by everyone and the familiar term for sausages and mashed potatoes. Serve with onion gravy - delicious.
Brandy Butter the Perfect Partner for Your...
A traditional Brandy Butter recipe is the perfect partner to serve with mince pies or Christmas pudding, plus it is so easy to make.
Bake the Great British Classic Spotted Dick...
This easy to make traditional Spotted Dick pudding recipe is a great British puddings. It is hearty, filling with a name guaranteed to raise a smile.
Easy, Sweet, and Tasty Traditional Bakewell Tart
Bakewell tart comes from the picturesque town of Bakewell in the Derbyshire Peak District. It is so quick and easy to make.
All You Need to Know About Making the Best...
Making traditional scones is not as difficult as many imagine. On the following pages find all you need to know about making the best scones.
25 of the Best Traditional British Pie Recipes
Here are 25 of the best of British pie recipes. Comforting, tasty, savoury or sweet, we love them all.
Marmite vs Vegemite...What's Your Pick?
Marmite is a rich, dark brown yeast spread, Vegemite the same, but why are some more liked than others? Marmite goes head to head with Vegemite, which is better?
9 Steps to Super-Simple, Quick Fruit Scones
Making home made fruit scones is so quick and easy. They are an essential part of a traditional Afternoon Tea but also delicious anytime.
7 Tips for Cooking a Perfect Roast Chicken
Roast Chicken is perfect for the Sunday Roast, it is so easy took cook, Here are 7 handy hints and tips to create the perfect chicken every time.
How to Make Oxtail Stew Just Like Mum...
This oxtail stew recipe takes a little making but is so worth the effort and best if you can make it a day or two in advance.
There's More Than Custard for the Christmas...
Christmas pudding is such a big part of a traditional Christmas dinner and here are three sauces to make it even more delicious.
The Best Proper Homemade Custard for Your Pies...
Proper custard is so easy to make and makes the perfect partner for all great British pies puddings.
Not Just For Sunday: 5 Great Ways to Serve...
Yorkshire pudding is such a versatile dish and not just for serving on a Sunday Roast. Here are 5 favourite ways to serve them.
15 Minutes to Easy Bread Sauce for Your...
So simple and quick, Bread Sauce is a stalwart of the British kitchen and a classic on the British Christmas table.
27 Recipes for a Truly British Sunday Lunch
The most important meal of the week is Sunday Lunch. Here are all the recipes you need to make a great Sunday lunch at home.
5 Easy Steps to Eton Mess...and Strawberry...
Eton Mess is an all-time classic British dessert and an Eton Mess recipe must be included in any list of strawberry recipes.
What is Cumberland Pie?
Cumberland Pie is a British dish that is quite similar to Cottage Pie, although there are some subtle differences.
Easy Home Made Elderflower Cordial Recipe
Fragran, aromatict and refreshing Elderflower cordial is so easy to make. Use it all summer to drink, add to sparkling wine and in many summer recipes.
Don't Care for Christmas Pudding, Try One of...
Traditional Christmas pudding can be too heavy for some. Here are some delightful lighter alternatives to the traditional pudd to please everyone.
Do You Know the Difference Between a Cornish...
The differences between a Cornish and a Devon cream tea are subtle, take a closer look and you will see it; look at the cream.
Should You Use Gelatine Powder or Leaves?
Gelatine - Powder or Leaves is often the conundrum of the cook, which is better and how much to use. Find answers to all these questions here.
9 Easy Steps to Delicious Home Made Fish and...
Fish and Chips are one of the British national dishes. They are so easy to make, follow these 9 simple steps for better than fish shop bought ones.
Easy and Impressive: Classic Cheese Scones
This classic cheese scone recipe shows you just how easy they are to make. A lovely snack and also make a great addition to an afternoon tea.
A Clever Way to Use Leftover Lamb - Delicious...
One of the quickest and easiest family supper dishes is a hearty, warming shepherds pie. Also a great way to use up leftover lamb from a Sunday roast.
Wrap Up Warm with 10 Hearty Winter Soup Recipes
Recipes for 10 hearty soups to keep you warm and nourished in the cold winter months.
How to Make a Savory Steak and Kidney Pudding
Steak and Kidney Pudding is a great British classic recipe full of tender, meat in a thick sauce. The Steak and Kidney Pudding recipe may at first look a little daunting, but don’t be put off, it is actually quite straightforward and all the efforts are well worth it. It's a delicious dish.
Simple Scottish Breakfast: Easy Tattie Scones
A delightful and delicious Tattie Scone recipe ideal for serving at breakfast but so delicious can be eaten any time.
The Easiest of Scottish Desserts and Not Just...
This classic Scottish Tipsy Laird Trifle recipe is so easy and though traditionally served on Hogmanay and Burns Night it is good any time of year.
Get Flipping with the Perfect British Pancake...
This traditional pancake recipe is so quick and easy. It is the perfect pancake for your Pancake Day celebrations. Make plenty, they are always popular.
6 Easy Steps to Making Quick Scottish Tablet...
Recipe for Scottish tablet, the fudge-like, very sweet candy from Scotland
Take it Slow with Braised Brisket in a Rich Gravy
Brisket is a cheap cut of beef making it perfect for long slow cooking. This braised brisket recipe results in tender meat and rich, thick gravy.
How to Make a Classic Beef Wellington
This Classic Beef Wellington Recipe from Angela Boggiano's book is a classic British recipe. One of the most impressive and elegant ways to serve beef.
Hearty Beef and Guinness Pie Recipe
This Beef and Guinness Pie recipe brings together two of Ireland's most famous products, Irish beef and Guinness.for a traditional and hearty pie.
How to Cook Perfect Roast Beef for Your Sunday...
If you thought to cook roast beef was difficult, this recipe will show you just how easy it is to cook perfect traditional roast beef every time.
The Best Way to Start the Day with a Plate of...
Crempog aka Welsh Pancakes are a traditional Welsh tea time treat eaten year round. No wonder as they they are so very quick and easy to make.
5 Simple Steps to Easy Roast Beef Gravy
Why buy ready made beef gravy when it is so easy to make with this lovely easy traditional beef gravy recipe. What could be simpler or better?
10 Things You May Not Know about Traditional...
Just where did the wonderful dish fish and chips comes from and how come it is one of Britain's national dishes.
Roast Parsnips Are a Surprisingly Sweet Veggie...
The perfect roast parsnip is a crisp outside and soft meting inner. They are so easy to make and can also be made in advance.
4 Steps to Make the Perfect Twice Cooked Chips
Chip are practically a national institution in Britain and Ireland. Here is the best twice cooked chip recipe. Perfect.
Pigs Wrapped in Blankets - Not Just for Christmas
Traditional Pigs in Blanket are so, so easy to make. They are classically served with Christmas lunch but really do deserve to be eaten year round.
30 Top to Toe Warming Winter Stews and Casseroles
30 classic British and Irish warming winter stew and casserole recipes.
Try This Filling Northumberland Pan Haggerty...
Pan Haggerty is a famous British food from Northumberland, though it can be found across the whole of the north east and most of England, it is a filling dish and a great accompaniment to meat. Kids love Pan Haggerty.
How to Make Hearty Traditional Cullen Skink
Cullen Skink, also known as Smoked Haddock Chowder Recipe. Cullen is a town in North East Scotland and gives its name to this easy and delicious dish.
What You Should Know about Haggis: Scotland's...
What is a haggis and what it is made from? It is quite simply a savoury pudding made with sheep offal, spices, oatmeal and loved in Scotland.
How to Make Sparkling Chicken Consomme
Easy Chicken Consomme Recipe or Clear Chicken Soup Recipe, No need to be afraid of this classic dish.
5 Clever Ways for Using Your Leftover Turkey
Turkey is a big bird and there is always leftover meat. Here are 7 clever, delicious and economical recipes for turkey.
How to Make Colcannon, the St. Patrick's Day...
Colcannon is so quick and easy to make, no wonder it is a traditional Irish favourite, especially on St Patrick's Day.
5 Easy Steps to a Family-Sized Toad In the Hole
Making Toad in the Hole is super easy and quick. This recipe shows how to make a family size dish, great for cutting into chunky squares.
Mincemeat and Apple Tart Recipe
Christmas Recipes: Sweet and spicy mincemeat and apple tart recipe
A Pastry Calculator to Work out How Much Pastry...
Ever wondered how much pastry you need to make a pie, or a pasty, quiche? Fnd the answer here with this simple pastry calculator.
5 Reasons Why a Pudding and Dessert are Different
Difference Between Pudding and Dessert
Leftover Turkey Recipes, Coronation Turkey Recipe
A Coronation Turkey Recipe is an ideal, and very easy way to use leftover turkey and uses the traditional Coronation Chicken as it base.
What is Black Treacle?
Black Treacle. British & Irish Food.
Ever Wondered What the National Dishes of the...
Discover what the national dishes of Britain and Ireland really are and a few contenders for the title.
Bring on the Sweet Stuff - Traditional Treacle...
This traditional treacle tart recipe is a great British favourite and so easy to make. It may be sweet but you only need a small slice.
What Is a True Cornish Pasty?
The Cornish pasty is loved throughout the UK even though it originates in Cornwall. . Whatever the origins, a Cornish Pasty Recipe is so easy and fairly quick to make
What is a Barnsley Chop?
What is a Barnsley Chop? British & Irish Food.
Easy, Delicious Eccles Cakes, The Perfect Treat...
The small, round fruit Eccles Cake is a tempting treat to go with a cup of tea. So easy to make, you will love them.
History of the Sunday Roast - The Great British...
The History of the great British Sunday Roast, or Sunday lunch as it is also known.
Scottish Rumbledethumps, a Cute Name and a...
Each country here in the UK and Ireland have a favourite dish for leftovers, Bubble and Squeak in England, Colcannon in Ireland and in Scotland, Rumbledethumps.
Don't Waste Those Veggies Leftovers...Instead...
Leftover Vegetable Soup Recipe. British & Irish Food.
5 Suggestions for Your Yorkshire Pudding Tin
Choosing a Yorshire pudding tin isn't as difficult as it sounds, just ask yourself, what size pudding do I want, the rest is easy.
Forget Boiling, Shred Your Brussels Instead
It is not always necessary to cook Brussels whole as you can see in this simple, quick shredded Brussels Sprouts with Bacon recipe.
A Spicy and Simple Favourite in Britain:...
One of Britain's favourite curries is the Chicken Balti. It is so quick and easy to make you'll fall in love with it.
9 Interesting Facts on the History of British...
The Food and Cooking of England is at its best, hearty, simple and delicious. Food developed to feed an empire, steeped in history and heritage.
Before You Start - 9 Tips for Making the Best...
9 tips to ensure you make the best shortcrust pastry every time.
What Is in a Ploughman's Lunch?
Ploughman's Lunch - What is a Ploughman's Lunch
Quick, Easy Recipe for a Classic Apple and...
An easy to make, delicious Apple and Blackberry Pie Recipe is a classic British dish, packed with all late summer fruits. Serve wuth custard or cream.
The Scotch Egg Now Brighter and Lighter
A quick, easy recipes for a traditional Scotch Egg. This one is a little lighter than some versions, especially the old deep-fried ones.

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