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Food and Drink in North Wales


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Welsh Food: Food in North Wales
North Wales Lanscape

View from Bwlch Pen Barras, North Wales

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Why do we not hear more about the food of North Wales? It has not had bad press, just very little, it seems.

Without too much speculation, I suggest reasons are possibly that North Wales is often eclipsed by its southern neighbours, most notably Abergavenny which (justifiably) lays claim to being one of the major foodie centres of the UK. Also, Welsh Lamb and Beef have romped through the British press in recent times with a major and very successful campaign to raise awareness of their wonderful products. Could it be that North Wales has simply gotten a little lost in all of this?

The lost food and drink of North Wales, however, is now hitting back. Various official bodies in the region, including Food North Wales, have been assiduously working up, and shouting about their campaign to bring the food of this beautiful region to our attention. And it is working.

North Wales boasts 4 mountain ranges, 250 miles of coastline, 2 world heritage sites and a wealth of food and drink born out of this diverse and picturesque area of Wales. Food producers, brewers, cafés, restaurants pubs, tea rooms and farm shops have come together to shout loudly about their produce. So it is now time to sit up and take notice, they have a lot to shout about.

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