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Valentines - Valentine Recipes

A Romantic Dinner for Two


Valentines is a day for romance and what better way to woo your significant other than with a romantic dinner for two. The dinner should not be complicated or have you dashing around when time is better spent with your loved one. 

So choose from this selection of Valentines recipes, they are easy to make so no need to panic and some can be prepared in advance.  Plus, the tips on surviving Valentines Day will help with any stress you may have.


Survive the Day - Plus Set the Table, Bring Flowers and Champagne

Valentine Rose
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Before you even get close to the Valentine Recipes you may want to think about the table, decorations and drinks which is why creating a romantic dinner for two ranks as one of the most daunting meals to prepare. It is also the one event where setting the mood on your table is as important as the food on the plate.

As anxiety, stress and exhaustion are not conducive to romance, here are a a few tips to help ease them and how to set the scene for a fabulous evening.

Stress Free Valentines Dinner

Valentine's Recipes - Starters

British Oysters
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A romantic dinner for two needs to be light and uncomplicated. A starter which can be made in advance helps make things easier.

A classic for a starter are oysters perhaps because they are considered an aphrodisiac? Perfect for romance. You can serve the oysters fresh and unadorned, or how about Warm Oysters with Chive Sauce so light and easy to prepare and cook. If you are anxious about choosing oysters,have a look at this simple guide.

Prawn Cocktail is another light and easy starter and again can be made in advance which makes it a good choice.

Make a light, simple soup such as Pea and Mint Soup or favourite Carrot and Ginger.

For ultimate sophistication how about a little Asparagus? It is not the season for British asparagus so you will have to rely on imported but you are forgiven this once. Like oysters, asparagus is thought to be an aphrodisiac and when served simply with butter or a butter sauce, is apparently considered a little erotic! If that's too much for you can also make the asparagus into Asparagus and Smoked Haddock Fishcakes, a little more subtle but also delicious.

Valentines Recipes - Main Courses

Venison Pie Recipe
Photo © Mitchell Beazley

Like the starters keep the main course simple so you don't spend the evening in the kitchen. Choose something which can be made in advance and simply needs to be whipped out of the oven at the last minute. Perfect is a Venison Pie. You can make the filling in advance and finish just before the meal. At dinner, place the pie in the center of the table and share.

Another great sharing dish is a Wild Mushroom Lasagna . This is an exotic dish of earthy wild mushrooms and for a touch more elegance sprinkle with truffle oil before serving. Pop it in the middle of the table and dig in. By the way, this is a perfect dish for vegetarians.

If you prefer something lighter then consider fish. This Sea Bass with Lemon Potatoes is perfect in its lightness. Prepare to the cooking point and store, then pop it into the oven as you sit down to your long, lingering starter and it will be ready when you finish. How easy.

Valentines Recipes - Desserts

Chocolate Mousse Recipe
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Chocolate is the ultimate dessert for a romantic Valentines dinner. You are bound to find something romantic in this collection of Favourite Chocolate Recipes which fits the bill perfectly.

Want an alternative to chocolate? How about a Champagne and Rhubarb Jelly, a light sophisticated dessert and very easy to make. Serve it with tiny biscuits or buttery Scottish Shortbread .

For the ultimate in easy, light and delicious is a Lemon or a Clementine Posset.

To Drink

Photo © istock.com
Champagne is a classic choice but don’t underestimate a good sparkling wine. The New World and even the UK are making brilliant bubbly with the name the only point of difference (sparkling wine cannot be called Champagne unless produced in the designated region of France).

Or you could try one of these delicious a Valentine Cocktails from Colleen Graham, About.com's Guide to Cocktails.

More Great Ideas for Valentine's Day

Old British Valentine Card
Photo © Collectibles@aboutguide.com
Make a big impression on your Valentine this year with these romantic ideas from Ferne Afin, About.com's guide to UK Travel.

Valentine's Day treats that are original and imaginative don't have to cost the earth. It's really a case of the thought that counts - as long as it's not an, afterthought, like a bunch of flowers from the gas station convenience store.

These romantic ideas for Valentine's Day make an unforgettable impression and are enjoyable for both of you. Only one costs a bundle, and that's so special that it's probably worth every penny.

Valentine Treats

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