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10 Tips for Making the Perfect Souffle


Cheese Souffle Recipe
Photo © British Leeks

Soufflé is considered a very sophisticated dish, yet soufflé recipes are actually quite easy and simple to prepare. Soufflé recipes can be sweet or savory but the principles of making them are the same.

  1. Read the recipe, then read it again to make sure you are clear on the instructions and have all the ingredients. Once you start to make a soufflé it doesn't like interruption while you find a missing ingredient.
  2. Collect all the equipment you will need.
  3. Measure and weigh all the ingredients before you start cooking.
  4. Make sure all the equipment you are using is clean and grease free. Greasy spoons, bowls or whisk stop egg whites from rising sufficiently which can make the souffle collapse.
  5. Ensure all your ingredients, especially the eggs, are at room temperature.
  6. Prepare and grease soufflé dishes, either large or individual ones, before you start making the soufflé mixture.
  7. Preheat the oven, so once the soufflé is made and in the dish it can go directly to the oven.
  8. It is not an "Old Wives Tale" that opening the door while a soufflé is cooking can cause it to sink. Be aware that a sudden rise or fall in temperature during cooking will have that effect. Try not to do it. It won't be a disaster if you open and close the oven door quickly.
  9. The table, side dishes and guests should be assembled and ready before the soufflé goes in the oven. Don't start to cook unless you know you can serve it directly to the table.
  10. Work quickly and calmly, and most of all have fun; there's no greater joy than cooking for oneself, family or friends.

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