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How to Cook the Perfect Sunday Roast


Tips for Cooking the Perfect Sunday Roast
Roast Lamb Cooked in a Blanket

Roast Lamb Cooked in a Blanket

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Roast beef historically may the most famous Sunday Roast but other roasts take equal billing on a Sunday lunch. Roast pork, lamb and chicken are all served and each will sit alongside Yorkshire Puddings, though the sauces and veg may vary.

Each of these delicious roasts have their own tips and hints to make the best and tastiest Sunday lunch.

How to Cook a Perfect Roast Beef

First you need to choose the best joint for roast beef which can be either a Rib of Beef, a Sirloin or a Fillet. Rib works well as usually it will be cooked on the bone - keeping the bone in makes for a tastier piece of beef when cooked. But, both Sirloin and Fillet are also very good.

For perfect cooking check out the following tips:

How to Cook the Perfect Roast Pork

Perfect roast pork should be moist, even cooked meat which should have crisp, flavoursome crackling.

Choose outdoor, free range pork if you can. The pork should have a good thick layer of fat which may worry some people but is imperative in keeping the meat moist during cooking and adds flavour to the meat. You can always cut the fat away before eating if you are worried.

How to Cook the Perfect Roast Chicken

Roast chicken makes a popular alternative in the Sunday roasts because it is a much lighter, healthier meat with a lower fat content than red meats and has another advantage; most of this fat is monounsaturated.

Roast chicken is very popular in the summer months when the weather (may) often be warmer so traditional roasts are not as popular.

How to Cook the Perfect Roast Lamb

There are many ways to cook roast lamb but I have a method which I learned many years ago in France. It is an unusual method in that the lamb is cooked briefly at a very high temperature then wrapped in foil and then a layer of thick blankets for several hours. This way the lamb slowly cooks inside the parcel and results in an exceptionally, tender, moist piece of lamb. This is by far the best recipe I have come across and for me, always creates a good roast. There are more conventional methods of cooking.

Christmas Roasts

All the roasts above will also work very, very well on the Christmas table and are often preferred. There is however no ignoring the roast turkey and again this is a meat which can so easily be spoiled if not cooked properly. Essentially, it is preparation and a long slow cooking which will ensure you have the perfect bird on your table.

Accompaniments for the Sunday Roast

Once you have created your perfect roast then you need the accompaniments to go with them. All will work well with the traditional Yorkshire's (Yorkshire Puddings), traditional vegetables and of course, delicious gravy. Choose from the following list.

Great Gravy and Sauces

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