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Traditional St Patrick's Day Recipes

Food for St Patrick's Day


I don't think you need me to tell you that March 17th is St Patrick's Day. Celebrations of this event take place all around the world and the fun and feasting centres very clearly on delicious Irish food,and not just the ubiquitous Corn Beef and Cabbage. This collection of St Patrick's Day recipes will take you from dawn to dusk with the very best of Irish food and drink.

Who is St Patrick and What is St Patrick's Day?

St Patrick's Day, St Patrick's Day Recipes
Photo © Irish Tourist Board
March 17th is Saint Patrick's Day, or "Paddy's Day" as it is sometimes called. A day filled with Saint Patrick's parades and festivals from Monaghan to Monserrat, from Limerick to London and from Belfast to Boston says Bernd Biege, About's guide to Ireland. This is what he has to say about the historical St Patrick.

Fill up with an Irish Breakfast

A Full English Breakfast
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St Patrick's Day can be - and usually is - a long day with all the celebrations. So, make sure you start with a good, hearty breakfast, one that will see you through .... well at least until lunchtime.

A Full Irish Breakfast with bacon, sausages, eggs, potato Fadge, or the famous Boxty, (Irish griddle cakes) to get you started. Add a few slices of Soda Bread or wheaten bread. Wash all this down with, of course, lashings of tea and you will be set up for the day ahead which is always a good idea on Paddy's Day.

St Patrick's Main Course Dishes

Dublin Coddle - Dublin Coddle Recipe
Photo © Elaine Lemm

St Patrick's is the day for traditional Irish foods, hale and hearty fare to fill stomachs and keep energy levels up. No list of main course recipes would be complete without these dishes. Although in the US it is traditional to eat Corn Beef and Cabbage, there are many other superb Irish dishes to choose from.

Side Dishes and A Tasty Snack

Irish Colcannon
Photo © RFB Photography

Two of Ireland's most famous side dishes work well with all the main courses above. Colcannon and Irish Champ, both make use of Ireland's favourite vegetable, the potato. They are a great way to use potatoes, fresh or left overs.

Fancy a snack along the way or to maybe fill up before the main event then you can't beat an Irish Guinness Rarebit - Cheese on toast with a touch of the Black Stuff.  Delicious.

Watch how to make Colcannon on this short video.

Something Sweet

Bread and Butter Pudding
Photo © RFB photography

What could be better to bring a waft of sweetness to a St Patrick's Day feast  than a slice (or two) of warm Barm Brack one of Ireland's most famous bakery products. The name comes from breac which means speckled, referring to the fruit in the loaf.

Try a Guinness, Orange and Chocolate Cake  which makes another great tea time treat or try a plate of delicious Irish Scones. or sexy Baileys Irish Liqueur Cupcakes, yum.

If it's a full-blown pudding that takes your fancy on St Patrick's Day then what could be better than an Irish Liqueur Bread and Butter Pudding. Or for something a touch lighter with an Apple and Barley Pudding. Yum.

And to drink ...

A Pint of Guinness
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There can be no mention of Ireland, or Irish food and drink without a 'Pint of the Black Stuff," and Irish Beer putting in an appearance. Guinness is considered Ireland's national drink and is known around the world.

A great drink for St Patrick's is of course Mead, the sweet, delicious honey wine that has been made and enjoyed by Celtic nations for centuries.  says About.com's Guide to Wine, Stacy Slinkard.

And of course, there's also Irish Whiskey. Read About Guide to Cocktails, Colleen Graham's wonderful selection of Irish whiskeys and St. Patrick's Day cocktails. They're bound to put you in the mood for a great St Patrick's Day!

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