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Spotted Dick Pudding


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Ingredients and Making the Dough
Spotted Dick Recipe

Rub together the ingredients

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Puddings have been the backbone of British food for centuries, even the French extol their virtues - sacre bleu. The lightest of puddings may have the diet police screaming arrest, but if the meal is balanced - a light starter, and not too many carbs with main course - there's always room for a delicious pud.

One of the favorites, and one will will usually raise a smile in the classic British pudding of Spotted Dick - the spotted part refers to the raisins and currants in the dough and the word dick' is a colloquial word for pudding. It is also sometimes referred to as Spotted Dog for those of a more delicate constitution.

Serves 6

115g (4oz) raisins

55g (2oz) currants

75g (3oz) dark-brown sugar

Grated zest of half lemon

225g (8oz) self-raising flour plus extra for dusting

115g (4oz) shredded suet

Pinch of salt

55ml (2 fl oz) milk

Sift the flour into a large mixing bowl; add the suet and the salt and rub together to combine.

Add a little milk and using a knife cut through the mixture, adding more milk little by little until it comes together.

Finally use your hands to combine into a soft, elastic dough. Add more milk if necessary.

Note: The Difference Between Raisins and Sultanas and Currants

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