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9 Myths About Yorkshire Puddings


9 Myths About Making Yorkshire Puddings
Yorkshire Pudding Recipe

Making Yorkshire Puddings

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There's no denying that Yorkshire Puddings are one of the most famous recipe's to come out of Britain. The puds are an intrinsic part of our national dish, Roast Beef and Yorkshire Pudding. No Sunday is ever complete without a dish of Yorkshire puddings alongside the meat and the vegetables.

If you ever ask someone how they make their Yorkshire puddings, be prepared for the onslaught of answers. Everyone, it seems, has their own recipe and their secret ‘tips’ to the perfect pud with many of these tips and secrets handed down from generation to generation.

Those these myths to making the ideal pudding, seem a little whacky at first, but looking at them more closely, they are not always as silly as they first appear. Many have been passed down the generations and came about at a time when we did not have modern kitchen gadgets (more specifically extractor fans, electric whisks, temperature controlled ovens....) so are not applicable these days. However, they continue to live on. Amusingly, some of these suggestions are in direct contradiction; others almost xenophobic. Here are a few of my favourites.

My 9  Favourite Myths on Making Yorkshire Puddings

  1. Always mix the pudding outside in the fresh air. This myth is not as strange as it seems. Today we have extractor fans in the kitchen, but mixing Yorkshire puddings in a hot, steamy kitchen with a roaring fire in the background would not have been easy or comfortable, so perhaps it was better to step outside.
  2. Use the first fresh fall of snow to create a cold batter! Again, not so odd as adding a dash of cold water to the Yorkshire pudding batter just before cooking helps the puddings to rise.
  3. Yorkshire puddings made outside the county of Yorkshire never rise. Mmm... I think this and the next myth comes from Yorkshire folk....Yorkshire puddings taste best when mixed by a Yorkshire hand.
  4. Mix puddings standing up. That seems normal? However....
  5. Mix puddings sitting down?
  6. A fork is the best utensil for mixing Yorkshire Puddings (my mother). A fork works really well, so she is right. However, we did not have an electric mixer when I was growing up.
  7. If the Yorkshire’s fail to rise there’s trouble in’t bedroom?
  8. If the Yorkshire puddings go wrong it is always the oven’s fault.
  9. I love this one. When RAF (Royal Air Force)dinner lady Margaret Hullah retired after feeding fresh-faced pilots across Yorkshire air bases for more than 29 years, she finally divulged her secret to perfect puddings - keep all doors and windows closed.
Suffice to say, if you have your own way of making Yorkshire Puddings and it works for you, great. Do let me know if you have your own myth.

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