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Yorkshire Pudding Recipes: Individual Toad in the Hole

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Toad in the Hole Recipe, British recipes, British food

Toad in the Hole

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This individual Toad in the Holes recipe takes the easy Yorkshire Pudding recipe and with the addition of sausages, turn sit into a filling meal.

This recipe is for individual servings, but you can also make them in a large roasting tin for a family-sized Toad in the Hole, have a look at the notes at the end of the recipe.

Just where the name Toad in the Hole comes from no-one knows but originally the dish used sausage meat, so the finished dish probably resembled toads in the batter? No matter its origins, a Toad in the Hole recipe makes a delicious supper dish served with onion gravy and fresh vegetables.

Prep Time: 15minutes

Cook Time: 35minutes

Total Time: 50minutes


  • 4 large, fresh eggs, measured in a jug
  • Equal quantity of milk to eggs
  • Equal quantity of plain flour to eggs
  • Pinch of salt
  • 2 tbsp lard, beef dripping or vegetable oil
  • 6 beef or pork sausages


Serves 4
  • Heat the oven to the highest temperature possible.
  • Pour the eggs and milk into a large mixing bowl and add the pinch of salt. Whisk thoroughly with an electric hand beater or hand whisk. Leave to stand for 10 minutes.
  • Gradually sieve the same volume of flour (as the eggs) into the milk and egg mixture, again using an electric hand beater or hand-whisk to create a lump free batter resembling thick cream, if there are any lumps pass the batter through a fine sieve.
  • Leave the batter to rest in the kitchen for a minimum of 30 minutes, longer if possible - up to several hours.
  • Place a pea-sized piece of lard, dripping or‚ ½tsp vegetable oil in a Yorkshire pudding tin (4 x 2"/5cm hole tin) or 12-hole muffin tin and heat in the oven. Cut each sausage into pieces to fit the holes of the pudding tin, place one piece into the hot fat and return the tray to the oven. Cook until the sausage pieces are golden brown (approx 15 mins) golden.
  • Give the batter another good whisk adding 2 tbsps of cold water and fill a third of each section of the tin with batter and return quickly to the oven.
  • Leave to cook until golden brown approx 20 minutes. Repeat the last step again until all the batter is used up.

    Serve the Toad in the Holes with gravy and fresh seasonal vegetables.

Notes on Making a Toad in the Hole

The recipes above shows how to make individual sized Toad in the Holes which is particularly good for kids. Large family sized Toad in the Hole can be made by partially frying the sausage, then using a large, square roasting tin, add the sausages to the tin at the same time as the lard, dripping or oil. Heat as in the recipes above, then once the fat is lightly smoking, pour in the batter and cook until risen and golden brown, about 20 - 25 minutes.
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A wonderful dish, Member JKP1988

I first heard about this dish on a BBC Show called ""Are You Being Served?"" in a few different episodes and decided to check it out. When I saw it I decide to try it out. I decided to make it for Easter after testing it first so I would know what to do. I served it with onion gravy, baby carrots, fresh green beans, rolls & a salad and everyone loved it. I did notice that there was not a set temp so I put it in at 475 F as if I was making a normal sized ""Toad in the Hole"" and it turned out perfect. For the fat/oil I would avoid using bacon fat, it left a bad taste in my mouth but using Crisco shortening did not leave a bad taste. All in all this was a wonderful recipe I look forward to making it again for another special event for my family.

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