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How to Cook British and Irish Food - a Collection of Cookery Videos


Cooking both British and Irish Food becomes so much easier with these short, snappy, informative videos and step-by-step tutorials. Watching live-action straight from the kitchen shows how easy, cooking is. Most of the videos have been made by me, Elaine Lemm, your Guide to British Food, but it is also great to see other guides and video producers joining in.

If video isn't your thing, then take a look at the step-by-step tutorials to see how.
  1. New British Food Videos
  2. Favourite British Food Videos
  3. Step by Step Cooking Tutorials

New British Food Videos

Pimms Recipe

I am constantly updating the videos here on the site; here's the latest batch. Enjoy.

Favourite British Food Videos

Making Bread - Cooking

There are now many cookery videos on British and Irish food, but these have repeatedly become the most-watched videos.

Step by Step Cooking Tutorials

Yorkshire Pudding: Easy Yorkshire Pudding Recipe

If you prefer to read the recipe and follow the pictures then you may prefer step-by-step instructions.

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