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British Vegetarian Recipes

British Vegetarian Recipes


Think traditional British food and vegetarian food doesn't immediately spring to mind, usually most people will immediately conjure up Roast Beef, Fish and Chips and Shepherds Pie - hearty, meaty fare. Though some of that is true, it is not completely accurate as Britain and Ireland have a wealth of fabulous foods that lend themselves perfectly to vegetarian cooking.

My family are staunch carnivores but I don't always want to serve meat every day. I can tell you, I never get any complaints when I serve some of the recipes below.

Vegetarian Soups

Welsh Recipes - Leek and Stilton Soup Recipe
Photo courtesy of British Leeks
A vegetarian soup is usually packed with masses of vegetables or beans and pulses and so often will be a meal in themselves, especially when served with crusty bread and butter. Here are three which can easily be served as a standalone meal. For a lighter meal, lunch or as a starter then try one of these lighter soups.

Vegetarian Curry

Chickpea Curry - Chickpea Curry Recipe
Photo © istock.com
Curries lend themselves beautifully to vegetarian food and vegetarian recipes. Two of my favorites are a You can also find lots more vegetarian curry recipes here, from About's guide to Vegetarian Food, Jolinda Hackett.

Vegetarian Tarts, Soufflé and Salads

Photo © RFB Photography
Making a salad often seems like a cop out for vegetarian foods but don't dismiss them immediately, a salad packed with greens, beans and vegetables like this Warm Asparagus, Bean and Rocket Salad makes a super filling meal.

Make a smaller salad and serve with one of these warm tarts, a Caramelised Red Onion and Goats' Cheese a Pear and Blue Cheese Tart or a Cheese and Leek Soufflé and I suspect you may have vegetarian converts on your hands.

Side Dish Vegetarian Meal

Cauliflower Cheese Recipe - Traditional British Food
Photo © RFB Photography
One way I make my family eat vegetarian food without them being aware of it is to turn a classic side dish into a meal in itself. A baked potato served with a delicious, hefty serving of Cauliflower Cheese and a side salad is a warm and filling supper dish. Try old favorites like Bubble and Squeak or Irish Champ with a fried egg on top and an extra serving of vegetables, beetroot is lovely, and again a vegetarian supper in a flash.

Two other classics that make great vegetarian dishes are a Welsh Rarebit or, though not strictly British but loved here is a Vegetable Frittata.

My Signature Vegetarian Dish

edible British wild mushrooms
Photo © Harrison Eastwood/Getty Images
Though my family, and most of my friends like their meat or fish, I have never had one single complaint when I serve them my favorite vegetarian dishes a Wild Mushroom Lasagna. I first learnt this dish while in Scotland on a foraging week where we had enjoyed a day of rooting around the forest floor picking mushrooms (under close supervision to make sure they were not the poisonous varieties). Cooking the Lasagna in the evening with fresh wild mushrooms was heaven. It's not always possible to collect mushrooms that way but most supermarkets and delis now stock great mushrooms. They aren't cheap but worth the expense for a special treat.

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