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Favorite Harry Potter Recipes

Harry Potter Recipes


Harry Potter loves British food as can be seen in these favourite recipes. Through their time at Hogwarts, Harry Potter and his pals have regularly eaten some of the classics of British foods, the good and the no-so-good - tripe, yuk.

Harry Potter's school food involves pies, puddings, tarts and cakes to fuel all those adventures and a tough game of Quidditch. Hearty British breakfasts after midnight escapades and delightful afternoon teas with Hagrid.

Though rich in classic British food, Harry Potter's food does lack fish, vegetables and fruit but I don't think they mind so much with all the treats on offer.

Mrs Weasley's Rock Cakes - Rock Cake Recipe

Rock Cakes - Rock Cake Recipe
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Ron's mum, Mrs Weasley, is a great baker and one of her favorite cakes to make are Rock Cakes. Rock cakes are delightful spicy, scone-like cakes and lovely warm from the oven spread with a little butter. They are one of the quickest and easiest cakes to make.

Treacle Toffee - Treacle Toffee Recipe

Treacle Toffee
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Sticky, sweet and deliciously moreish, treacle toffee is eaten and enjoyed by everyone at Hogwarts and was once given to Hagrid's pet boarhound Fang and it stuck his jaws together!

Yummy, Sticky Treacle Tart and Favorite Puds

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The perfect tart for the sweet toothed at Hogwarts is a sweet, sticky Treacle Tart filled with golden syrup and black treacle- no wonder that Harry and his pals love it so much.

But this isn't the only pudding they love.

Spotted Dick Pudding, an apple pie or a big bowl of Bread and Butter Pudding, a wobbly Jelly, or a Trifle are all puddings eaten frequently and with relish.

Fill 'em Up Savory Pies, Puddings and Pasties

Steak and Kidney Pudding - Recipe for Steak and Kidney Pudding
Photo © stockxpert
All the wizardry, witchcraft and Quidditch at Hogwarts uses a lot of energy, so the food needs to be hearty and solid to fill them up, so pies, puddings and pasties are popular.

A Steak and Kidney Pudding, a big, fat Cornish Pasty or a huge steaming bowl of Shepherd's Pie will always do the trick.

Sunday Roast - Roast Beef and Yorkshire Puddings

Yorkshire Puddings
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In British food, the main meal of the week and the same at Hogwarts is a Sunday roast. What better way to celebrate Sunday and a day from school with a full Sunday roast of Roast Beef and Yorkshire Puddings, crisp roast potatoes, and it would seem Harry and his friends even like Brussels Sprouts.

Roast Beef Recipe
Yorkshire Pudding Recipe
Roast Potatoes
Brussels Sprouts with Honey and Mustard Recipe

Harry Potter Christmas

Photo © RFB Photography
Whether the pupils at Hogwarts get to go home or stay at school for Christmas, there's one thing they will all share, a traditional British Christmas lunch; Roast Turkey, Brussels Sprouts, Bread Sauce and Roast Potatoes followed of course, by a flaming Christmas pudding.

For those at school Mrs Weasley again comes to the rescue with her amazing baking when she sends parcels full of Christmas mince pies, Christmas Cake and packets of fudge.
Roast Turkey
Bread Sauce Recipe
Christmas Mince Pies Recipe
Christmas Cake Recipe
Christmas Pudding Recipe
Fudge or Scottish Tablet

Harry Potter Fun Stuff

Magic Wand
Photo © StockXpert
The drink Butterbeer pops up all over the Harry Potter books, and I can only assume is a mixture of butter and beer. About.com's Guide to Home Cooking, Peggy Trowbridge Filippone, has developed this yummy recipe for a non-alcoholic version for kids and adults alike.
Butterbeer Recipe

How about an edible wand from Sherri Osborn, Guide to Family Crafts?
Instructions for making an Edible Wand

Perfect for a Harry Potter themed party are these lovely Cupcakes from Stephanie Gallagher, About.com's Guide to Cooking for Kids.

Donna Pilato, About.com's Guide to Entertaining has some fun ideas for a Harry Potter Themed Party including turning your home into Hogwarts!

Yukky Food at Hogwarts

Tripe and onions
Photo © StockXpert
It's not all yummy cakes and pies at Hogwarts. Occasionally the menu contains foods that Harry and friends are not quite so keen on. Tripe which is the lining of a cows stomach. Some people love it?

Sir Nicholas de Mimsy-Porpington may have thought offering maggoty Haggis to guests at his party, but it really is better eaten without the maggots.

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