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Yorkshire Pudding Recipes

5 Ways to Serve Yorkshire Puddings


Yorkshire pudding is such a versatile dish. There's the basic Yorkshire Pudding recipe but many other different ways to serve them.

Below are my favorite 5 ways to serve Yorkshire puddings.

If you are nervous about making Yorkshire puddings, or you have tried and failed, then ...

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1. Roast Beef and Yorkshire Puddings

British Recipes: sunday lunch - sunday roast - sunday lunch recipes
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It can be roast beef, but equally lamb, chicken or pork can be the star attraction in a Full Sunday Roast. No matter which meat you choose,however, to make a traditional British Sunday lunch there must be Yorkshire puddings.

2. Toad in the Hole

Toad in the Hole Recipe
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This Toad in the Hole recipe turns Yorkshire Pudding into a filling meal with the addition of sausages. Just where the name comes from no-one knows but originally the dish used sausage meat, so the finished dish probably resembled toads in the batter? No matter its origins it makes a delicious supper dish served with gravy and fresh vegetables, and children love it.

3. Fill Her Up - Irish Stew

Traditional Irish Stew - Irish stew recipe
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"Filled" Yorkshire Puddings are very popular in British food, especially in the British pub. The pudding becomes a vessel to hold any number of great fillings, creating a complete meal in one. Any kind of stew or casserole can be tipped into the pudding as well as vegetables and gravy. For filled Yorkshire puds it is best to make dinner-plate sized puddings, as the small ones made in a muffin tin won't hold enough filling.

4. Vegetarian? Try a Chilli

Chili Filled Yorkshire Pudding
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To enjoy filled Yorkshire puddings does not necessitate huge chunks of meat. Try a Yorkshire pud filled with a spicy, tasty Vegetarian Chili, carnivores as well as vegetarians will love it.

5. And for the Sweet-Toothed

Yorkshire Pudding - Yorkshire Pudding Recipe - Yorkshire Pudding with Raspberry Vinegar
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Yorkshire puddings are not just vessels for savory food. As a Yorkshire pudding batter is not unlike a crepe batter, though cooked differently they do have a similar flavor which makes the puds perfect for sweet fillings. Practically any spread, jam or syrup poured onto a pancake will taste just as good on a Yorkshire pudding. A traditional way to serve the puddings in Yorkshire is a drizzle of Raspberry Vinegar, and as a child I always hoped there would be leftover puddings at Sunday lunch because spread with a little Golden Syrup was always a special treat.

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