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Britain's Top 10 Favourite Foods and Drinks


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Bacon Butty is the Best of British Food
British Bacon Butty

British Bacon Butty

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In a recent poll here in the UK, 60,000 Brits were asked to vote on what we most adore about the nation. This was not simply a poll on British food but on the nation in general. I have picked out from the list the top 10 foods which appeared on the list. There are no surprises except at the top - the humble (and utterly delicious) bacon sandwich.  A roast dinner,  came in second and third a cup of tea. Definately no surprises there.

In fact of the top 50 chosen by the nation, food and drink appears 14 times and most ranking higher than the Royal family.

Interestingly, Marmite (You Either Love it or Hate it) narrowly missed the top 50, maybe not the national treasure we thought it was.

I would love to hear what your favourite food is. On the next page you will find details of the survey. If you have a regional or family favourite, please let me know. I know what my favourite foods and drinks are (most are on the list below) I bet some of yours are the same too. Why not? We have been enjoying these foods for centuries.

The Top 10 Foods and Drinks

  1. Bacon sandwiches
  2. Roast dinners
  3. A Cup of Tea
  4. Fish and Chips
  5. Yorkshire Pudding
  6. Full English Breakfast
  7. Cornish pasties
  8. Strawberries and cream
  9. Teatime Treat, Crumpets
  10. Beer

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