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What We Adore About Britain and Britain's Favourite Food


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Bacon Butty is the Best of British
British Bacon Butty

British Bacon Butty

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In a recent poll here in the UK, 60,000 Brits were asked to vote on what we most adore about the nation. This was not a poll on British food but on the nation in general. The humble (and utterly delicious) bacon sandwich topped the survey with a roast dinner, second and third a cup of tea. In fact of the top 50 chosen by the nation, food and drink appears 14 times and most ranking higher than the Royal family.

Alongside the bacon butty, roast dinner and cuppa there's eternal Yorkshire Pudding, delicious Fish and Chips, the ubiquitous British Fry Up breakfast, Cornish pasties, Pubs and Crumpets. Yum. Interestingly, Marmite (You Either Love it or Hate it) narrowly missed the top 50, maybe not the national treasure we thought it was.

I expected to see the foods above on any list of adored foods, what would the list look like though if it contained only food and drink ? Look at the next page to read more.

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