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London 2012 - Food Facts London Olympic Games 2012

British Food Facts at London 2012 Olympics


London 2012 Olympic Games

London 2012 Olympic Games

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Visiting London for the London 2012 Olympics and want to know what food is on offer, go to this page for details of British Foods to expect.

All eyes are focused sharply on London for the 2012 Olympics yet so many are occupied with the Olympic sporting events, the medals and of course, the glory. But, there is one aspect to London 2012 which is not being given too much attention and that is the food at London 2012.

Just how is it going to be possible to provide food at the London Games with the need to serve close to 14 million meals daily across 40 different locations, and not just in London, the games are also being held in the the South and across the South East.

How this will be achieved was in The 2012 Food Charter. which is a campaign launched in the spring of 2010 to encourage organisations throughout the events, catering and hospitality sector to commit themselves to supporting and implementing local, seasonal,healthier and sustainable standards across the industry.

What is it they are up against...

Food at London 2012 - the Challenge

  • 31 competition venues
  • 955 competition sessions
  • 160,000 workforce
  • 23,900 athletes and team officials
  • 20,600 broadcasters and press
  • 4,800 Olympic and Paralympic Family
  • 9 million ticket sales
  • 14 million meals
What Do they Need...

Food Quantities Needed in the London Olympic Village 2012:

  • 25,000 loaves of bread
  • 232 tonnes of potatoes
  • More than 82 tonnes of seafood
  • 31 tonnes of poultry items
  • More than 100 tonnes of meat
  • 75,000 litres of milk
  • 19 tonnes of eggs
  • 21 tonnes of cheese
  • More than 330 tonnes of fruit and vegetables
This is going to take quite some organising.

It is not only the food to be served to the athletes, staff, workers and visitors at the London Olympics but it is also what food to be served is also to be considered. Much of this has been encompassed by the London 2012 Food Vision a campaign which is committed to using both British and seasonal food and by pledges by as many as possible, the public as well as caterers, to try to do the same. A pledge to serve 'the best of British' food during the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

This includes:
  • Buy local and seasonal food via local food directories.
  • Design menus during the games to reflect what is available seasonally, and celebrate seasonal specialities with special dishes and recipes.
  • Use a seasonal food chart to plan food buying, such as those supplied free of charge by Eat Seasonably and the School Food Trust (which also contains useful information about fish seasonality).
  • Tell customers why the menu features seasonal ingredients and where they come from.
  • Encourages to consider joining Eat Seasonably as a catering partner and taking part in British Food Fortnight to promote the best of British and seasonal produce.
Statements from The London 2012 Food Vision, 2009.

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