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An Introduction to British Food and Irish Food

Savor the delights of the best of British food, Irish food and our native cooking. Explore the history and influences which have shaped British food, the rich and diverse dishes which are the culmination of thousands of years of history and discover what food in Britain and Ireland is about in the 21st century.
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London 2012 - Food Facts London Olympic Games 2012
The London 2012 game. Many are occupied with the events, the medals and the glory but there is one aspect to London 2012 not given too much attention is the food. What is the food for the 2012 games?

A Full Breakfast in Britain and Ireland
A full breakfast is the traditional breakfast in Britain and Ireland.

A Yorkshire Pudding Tin
So you have found the perfect Yorkshire pudding recipe, gathered together the ingredients, but which is the right Yorkshire Pudding tin to use?

British Food - Protected Designation of Origin
British Food - Protected Origin

British Food Predictions for 2009
British Food Predictions for 2009

British Food Rules - Exploding the Myths of British Food
British food has long been the butt of jokes for its poor food, lack of imagination, stodgy puddings and weak tea. Not anymore. British food now rules by exploding the myths which surround it.

Home Made Bacon and Sausages
If you have never tried making bacon and sausages at home, have a gom it is so easy

How to Choose, Store and Cook Tomatoes
choosing tomatoes - cooking tomatoes - storing tomatoes

Looking for the Best of British or Irish Food Blogs
Food Blog - food blogs - recipes

Rhubarb: A Brief History of Rhubarb in Britain
Rhubarb is one the most loved ingredients of British cooking, enjoying a long history here in the UK and Ireland

What Food will be Served at the Wedding of Prince William and Kate?
What food will be served at the wedding of Prince William and Kate?

Yorkshire Forced Rhubarb - History, Facts and Recipes
Yorkshire Forced Rhubarb is one of British Food favourite winter ingredient. The forced rhubarb is one of the most versatile ingredients in the kitchen.

The Top Ten British Recipes of 2011
A list of the top 10 British recipes of 2011. From 1000's of British and Irish recipes these are the ones that came out on top.

Making the Most of Tomatoes
A collection of favourite summer tomatoes

What We Adore About Britain and Britain's Favourite Food
In a recent poll , when asked what do the British love about Britain the Bacon Butty (bacon sandwich) came top of the list.

Top 50 Favourite British Foods and Drinks
What are Britain's favourite foods, join me in finding what the top 50.

Recipe Videos, British Food Videos
Reading a recipe is a great way to learn but even easier is watching a recipe video. I have made 5 British food videos on the 5 most popular recipes on the British food site. They are only 3 minutes long so won't take much time. Hope you enjoy.

British Cheeses: Traditional British Cheese
There are more than 700 cheeses in Britain. Though some, like Cheddar, have been imitated the world over, many are still made by traditional methods on the farm. Here are some of the most popular ones in the UK and Ireland today.

British Cheese: Interesting (and Quirky) Facts about British Cheese
With over 700 named cheeses in Britain, no wonder there are some interesting facts surrounding them.

Essential Guide to Great British Recipes: Scones
The essential guide to making classic and different flavoured British scones.

Yorkshire Cheese - Cheese from God's Own County
Yorkshire in North England is renowned for its cheeses, here are 11 of the best.

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