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Food and Menus on the RMS Titanic 1912


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What Did Passengers Eat on RMS Titanic?
Original First Class Breakfast Menu on the Titanic
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Three classes of travel on the Titanic meant three different menus had to be served daily.

First Class Menus on the Titanic

Passengers in First Class were by far the best fed. They had paid handsomely for this privilege with their ticket costing 8 times more than Second and over 25 times more than Third. As was the fashion in upper class circles in Victorian times, food was predominantly French in style but some of the great British stalwarts like Roast Sirloin Beef still held their own on the menu.

As can be seen on the First Class Breakfast menu above their was an abundance of choice and at dinner as many as ten courses were served.

Second Class Menus on the Titanic

Food was closer to home in second class. French rarely appeared with the preference for traditional British food. Curried Chicken, Baked Fish, Spring Lamb, Mutton and Roast Turkey.

Pudding was also more homely and on the night the Titanic sank, the doomed second class passengers actually tucked into Plum Pudding, what we now know as Christmas Pudding.

Third Class Menus on the Titanic

It should be noted that food served to passengers in third class was simply scaled down versions of second class, passengers in steerage had little to complain about as for many this food was better than they had been used to.

Third class passengers were not served dinner as the other classes, instead would partake of High Tea a custom which still exists today.

Tea as it is known colloquially would always include a hot course requiring a knife and fork, Irish Stew was mentioned frequently on the menu. Sadly there are no third class menus surviving from the night the Titanic sank, so we have no idea what those passengers ate.

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