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Thanksgiving in the UK

Thanksgiving Food in the UK


Thanksgiving isn't a celebration in the UK - the nearest equivalent is Harvest Festival where we give our thanks for food and the years' harvest. With so many Americans living in the UK and the close alliance this country feels for its American cousins, Thanksgiving in the UK is certainly gaining momentum.

A surprising number of restaurants around the country serve a Thanksgiving dinner and there are a number of festivals taking place. If you prefer to stay at home and prepare dinner yourself, here are some recipes and info to help you on your way to Thanksgiving in the UK.

Roast Turkey with a Sage and Onion Stuffing and Gravy

Roast Turkey Christmas
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The mainstay of the Thanksgiving Dinner is roast turkey. This is a typical British recipe usually served at Christmas but works well for any dinner. This recipe may look complicated but is actually quite straight forward. If you are concerned about how long to cook your turkey use the handy choosing and roasting guide and don't forget the essential Mashed Potatoes.

Pumpkin Pie - Yummy

Pumpkin Pie Recipe
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There are as many Pumpkin Pie recipes are there are shapes and sizes of pumpkins. It's hard to choose a favorite but here are a few from across About.com Food.

Pumpkin Pie from Southern Food and Busy Cooks. From Kids Cooking a Double Layer Pumpkin Pie and Pumpkin Pie with Cream Cheese Frosting from Home Cooking.

Thanksgiving Menus

table setting
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Across About.com many of our food guides are US based and naturally are heavy into Thanksgiving. There is a vast array of menus and food suggestions, here are a few of the many.

Diana Rattray, Southern Food, has a great selection of Thanksgiving Recipes. From Busy Cooks, Linda Larsen shares her Family Thanksgiving and let's not forget the Vegetarian Thanksgiving Dinner from Jolinda Hackett.

Drinks for Thanksgiving

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Stacy Slinkard has put together a comprehensive list of Wines for Thanksgiving and what would Thanksgiving be without a Cocktail from Colleen Graham, Guide to Cocktails.

Thanksgiving Around the UK

British Flag on a Fork
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Ferne Arfin, About Guide to UK Travel has put together this handy guide to Thanksgiving Celebrations Around the UK - where to eat, where to play and where to drink.

Cooking Equipment for Thanksgiving

Cooking Equipment
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A great list of all the cooking equipment you will need to create your Thanksgiving Dinner from Jessica Harlan, About's Guide to Cooking Equipment.

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