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Mother's Day: Recipes for Mothers Day

Make Your Mum's Day Special with Mother's Day Recipes


Whether it is a mum, grandmother, mum-in-Law or a stepmother, Mother's Day is the day to celebrate these special women and what better gift to give them, than cooking something special. This collection of  recipes for Mothers Day covers different occasions which arise throughout the day, from breakfast through to an elegant meal.

Mothers Day falls on different dates around the world. Mother's Day UK is usually in March or early April - and is often seen also as the start of spring - in the US it is in May.

Whatever the date you celebrate head for the kitchen and get cooking.

1. A Lazy Breakfast or Brunch

Eggs Benedict - Recipes - Egg Benedict Recipe
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Mum's deserve a lie in on Mother's Day so make a great start to her day with either breakfast in bed, or if like my Mum she prefers to eat at the table, then prepare a brunch.

A lovely way to kick start her day is with a sparkling, bubbly Mimosa of Champagne and orange juice. Then, if you have a lazy day ahead then serve a Full Breakfast with all her breakfast favorites and for my Mum, I mustn't forget the marmalade and toast,  she loves it.

For a lighter breakfast or brunch make a tray of English Muffins, they can be made the day before to save time and are delicious served slightly warm with Smoked Salmon with a Dill Sauce, or how about a delicious plate of Eggs Benedict or Eggs Florentine?

2. How About a Light Lunch?

Spring Onion, Pea and Mint Soup
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This quick and easy Mothers Day Lunch should do the trick if Mum prefers a lighter lunch on Mothers Day.
Pea and Mint soup  a delicious, light starter and the soup can be made the day before to help save time on the day.

Follow the soup with a healthy, nutritious main course of Cod with a Herb Crust. The herb crust and fish can be prepared ahead of time and popped into the oven before serving the soup. By the time you have eaten the starter and spent a little time chatting the fish will be cooked.

Apple Mouse is one of the easiest desserts imaginable plus Apple Mousse is a wonderful way to use cooking apples or sharp-flavored eating apples. It is a light and refreshing dessert perfect at the end of any meal.

3. Perhaps an Elegant, Celebration Lunch

Photo © British Apsparagus

Pull out all the stops on Mothers Day and make a full-on celebration. It may keep you in the kitchen longer but the results are worth it.

A Warm Asparagus Salad with Rocket and Beans is more than just a salad. It is full of  tastes and texturesl wrapped in a creamy, lemon, mustard dressing or a favourite Prawn Cocktail - so easy.

An all-time classic of a Beef Wellington.  is so perfect for a celebratory meal.  Serve it alongside seasonal vegetables and you are guaranteed a winner.

Following  all that beef and pastry requires a lighter dessert which is why Rhubarb and Champagne Jelly or maybe all time favourite, Lemon Meringue Pie work so well. Both delicate yet packed with flavor.

4. Everyone Loves an Afternoon Tea

Cornish cream tea - English cream tea
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Show your Mum you care and serve her an Afternoon Tea. IThere is no more quintessential English ritual than the ceremony and serving of Afternoon Tea, and it is one of my favorite British food customs and every Mum loves it too.

Start the tea with savory finger - sized smoked salmon, cucumber, or egg and mustard cress sandwiches. Traditionally this is always followed a plate heaving with Scones, Jam and Cream. Yum

A Coffee Cake or Rich Fruit Cake will always be well received or  ring the changes make a tray of Cup Cakes or my Mum's particular favorite, a Bakewell Tart.   Oh, and don't forget the Tea,  lots of it.

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