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Celebrate the Queen's Diamond Jubliee with a Traditional British Street Party


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Cakes and Puddings for a Crowd at the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Street Party
Traditional British Street Party

British Cupcakes

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There is no reason to not makes cakes and puddings for your Diamond Jubliee Street Party. Look through this list of some of the Traditional Cakes and Baking and you will see there are many, many to choose from.

The queen of cakes must be on any street party menu, The Victoria Sponge. Named after Queen Victoria this is truly one of the most popular cakes in the UK. It is simple to make and once filled with jam and fresh cream is irresistible. No wonder it was Queen Vics favourite.

Traditional street party food, however, would be the same without a classic British Trifle. to tuck into. Trifle is the quintessential pudding and loved for centuries. The classic trifle is packed with great ingredients but don't worry if you are short of time, you can use ready-made custard or custard made with custard powder. Delicious. And don't forget that other wonderful British treat if an Afternoon Tea. Serving the sandwiches, cakes, tarts and muffins in place of dessert makes a lovely alternative for pudding, though you can have both if you want.

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