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Valentine - Stress Free Valentines Dinner


Table Setting
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Create a Romantic Dinner for Valentines Day:

Creating a romantic dinner for two has to rank as one of the most daunting meals to prepare when what you really want is a stress free valentine dinner.

It is also the one event where setting the mood on your table is as important as the food on the plate. As anxiety, stress and exhaustion are not conducive to romance, here are a few tips to help ease them.

Be Prepared:

Prepare as much of the food and the table in advance; all that should remain last-minute is to light the candles, pop the cork on a bottle of good Champagne and relax.

Don't Spend the Evening in the Kitchen:

If you love to cook then plan dishes that don’t mean you spend all evening in the kitchen. Check out these Valentines recipes all chosen because they are easy to make or can be made in advance.

Can’t cook? Find a deli to do the work for you. Keep the menu simple with dishes prepared in advance, which only need heating through.

And, don’t forget the chocolate , the core of a romantic meal.

To Drink:

Champagne is a good to drink any time. For simplicity, chill a bottle (or two) in the fridge, ready for a drink before and during dinner.

Set the Table:

Create a powerful impression through the table and the mood surrounding it. It is here where simplicity can have the most impact.

Bring out the crystal glasses and don’t be afraid to mix them. Informality adds a relaxed touch of elegance.

The one area where excess is acceptable is with the candles. Candlelight is the most becoming so the more the merrier. Bring out all the candlesticks, mismatched doesn’t matter; neither do different sized candles. As with the flowers, avoid putting them in the center of the table; instead place them on either side. This will create a soft, all-round light - far more flattering.

The Flowers:

No flower embodies romance more than the rose. A simple red rose on the plate or stem in a vase keeps the table uncluttered. Keep the table between you and your partner unfussy. After all, what is it you want to look at?

There is a language associated with which flowers to use. Red roses are still the most popular and declares true love, but a white rose means I Love You Not! Yellow depicts jealousy with pink for innocent love. Red Tulips are a declaration of powerful love and Snowdrops bring hope. So check first to see what the flowers you are sending carry the correct message.
The Language of Flowers.

Most Importantly - Enjoy:

The gesture of having taken the trouble to organize and prepare dinner, set the table no matter how simply, is romance in of itself. So, above all remember to enjoy your efforts and the pleasure it brings to your loved one.

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