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What is a Full Sunday Roast?


Traditional British Sunday Roast, Sunday Lunch

Traditional British Sunday Roast, Sunday Lunch

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Question: What is a Full Sunday Roast?
Given that Roast Beef and Yorkshire Pudding is one of the British national dishes it comes as no surprise In Britain and Ireland Sunday lunch is considered one of the main meals of the week.

Across the British Isles and Ireland there are different names for this special meal and you will hear it called Sunday lunch, Sunday dinner (even if it is eaten at lunchtime) and most commonly, a full Sunday roast.
Answer: Sunday lunch is referred to as a full Sunday roast because the star player in the lunch is a roast meat. There is no better main course for a traditional Sunday lunch than a roast. Roast Beef is the number one favorite but other roasts like pork, lamb or chicken work well.

Yorkshire Puddings are sometimes served as a starter or with the main course alongside the meat with roast potatoes and seasonal vegetables. No Sunday Roast is complete without lashings of gravy made from the meat juices.

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