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What is a Stottie?


Stotties - What is a Stottie

A Stottie

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Question: What is a Stottie?
Stottie is a word you will only really hear in the North East of England, the home of the Stottie or Stottie Cake.
Answer: Stotties are famous in the North East of England, particularly but not exclusively around Newcastle. The stottie or stottie cake as it is also known is a large, round, flat bread - sometimes as large as 30cm diameter. The word comes from the local 'geordie' vernacular 'to stott' ( bounce.

Traditionally the stottie would be quite a heavy, chewy bread, but modern bread making techniques now produce much lighter cakes. The cake however does need to be solid enough to hold a hefty filling once split - egg and bacon being a particular favourite.

Similar bread cakes are made in other parts of the UK but are known variously as oven cakes, oven bottom cakes, bread cakes.

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