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Faggots - What are Faggots?


Faggots, Faggot Recipe


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Question: Faggots - What are Faggots?

There seems to be some mystery and misunderstanding about what faggots are when the answer is quite simple, they are a type of meatball found in traditional British food.

Answer: Faggots are an old-fashioned British food, and one that has sadly fallen out of favour in recent years. Traditionally Faggots are made from offal, usually pork, and from the bits of the animal that are generally discarded; the heart, the liver etc making Faggots a cheap and nutritious dish, as in this faggot recipe.

Birmingham and the area around Midlands are considered the home of Faggots in Britain, but with their revival, they are now eaten all over the UK.

Faggots are traditionally eaten with mushy peas, mashed potatoes and onion gravy.

Faggot Recipe - Recipe for Faggots


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