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How Do I Cook Fish?


How Do I Cook Fish?
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Question: How Do I Cook Fish?

How do I cook fish is a much-asked question from the home cook yet, how to cook fish is one of the easiest to answer.


For the chef and home-cook cooking fish offers endless opportunities for creativity whether grilled, poached, stir-fried, or baked. Deep-fried with fat golden chips is still one of the Britain's favorite meals - 11,500 fish and chip shops bear testament to this fact.

Fish can be eaten raw but it must be supremely fresh. Fish can be cooked in soups, curried or served with pasta, smoked or, served simply with fresh vegetables and a delicious sauce; there is no end to its versatility.

Secret to Cooking Fish
Start to stop before you need to stop. Overcooking will quickly destroy the texture, taste and succulence of fish so always remove it from the heat when it is almost there; the residual heat will finish the cooking perfectly.

The convenience of cooking fillets is tempting but where possible buy and cook fish on the bone for the juiciest flesh, once cooked the bones will simply fall away.

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