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What Does James Bond Eat?

James Bond and British Food and Drinks


Daniel Craig - James Bond

Daniel Craig aka James Bond

Photo © gettyimages

There's always plenty of questions around James Bond and the James Bond movies ... the 'is Daniel Craig the best Bond-does he get the girl?' type-of-thing. Rarely does anyone ask, what does James Bond eat or what are the food and drinks he enjoys?

I am well aware of his fondness for Vodka Martini, shaken not stirred, but food of any description doesn't figure very highly in the Bond movies, though there is more in the books.

At breakfast the gorgeous Mr Bond loves eggs, preferably scrambled, with bacon or sausages. He enjoys marmalade or strawberry jam on his toast but the quintessential Brit prefers coffee to tea, now that’s a shock.

He has a fondness for beef and lamb and is also a lover of seafood. In Goldfinger he is seen enjoying a curry, and From Russia With Love, a Doner Kebab.

For lunch or dinner he has been known to enjoy dressed crab and Black Velvet or roast grouse and pink Champagne, asparagus and hollandaise sauce, steak and French fries or cold roast beef with potato salad.

So, it is British food when he is at home, but when travelling, 007 will look to the local food available to him, now that’s a good chap.

And to drink...Bollinger Champagne, and thanks to Colleen Graham, About.com's Guide to Cocktails for these recipes for his other favorite drinks.

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