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Traditional British and Irish Recipes


Savor the delights of the best of British and Irish food and cooking with this collection of traditional British and Irish recipes showing the best of British and Irish traditional foods.
  1. Traditional British Recipes
  2. Traditional Irish Recipes

Traditional British Recipes

Yorkshire Pudding: Easy Yorkshire Pudding Recipe

Across Britain there is a wealth of cooking. Some of that cooking is very modern, some quirky and some, traditional. The traditional dishes are those synonymous with each country; England, Scotland and Wales. The dishes most easily recognized including the national dishes of each.

Traditional Irish Recipes


Home and family have always played an important role in the lives of the Irish. They may no longer have the open hearth but as a rule the kitchen still remains the center of the household. Potatoes feature extensively in Irish cooking and it is also famed for its soda breads and cakes, cheeses,seafood, beef and without doubt its two most famous drinks; Guinness and Whiskey

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