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British and Irish Food Traditions

The food and ingredients of Great Britain and Ireland are as different as the landscapes and languages of each country. Intrinsic to their food culture are the great dining and drinking traditions which makes them unique in the world. The Afternoon Tea, The Full English Breakfast or a the passion for a "pint" at the pub are just a few.
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Marmite vs Vegemite
marmite vs vegemite - marmite - vegemite

British Game - Cooking British Game
Cooking British Game

Scottish Porridge Oats
The healthy and nutritious Scottish breakfast dish of porridge. The use of oatmeal in this dish is one of the healthiest starts to the day. The type of oats used for porridge determine how hearty the final dish will be and how long to cook

British Bramley Apples - The Best Cooking Apples
British Bramley Apples - Cooking Apples

British Apples - Facts, Choosing, Cooking
British Apples - facts, choosing, cooking

Choosing and Cooking Game
Hints and tips on choosing and cooking British game, feathered and furred.

Fish and Chips
History, facts and figures about British Fish and Chips

Full Breakfast in Britain and Ireland
Full English, Irish, Scottish or Welsh Breakfast

May Day in Britain
May Day in Britain

Wild Mushrooms in Britain - Advice and Information
Edible Wild Mushrooms in Britain - Information and Advice

A Few Top British Cheeses
British Cheese

Fun Facts About Beetroot
Beetroot is a nutritious and versatile vegetable, it is also more as can be seen in these fun facts about beetroot.

Forgotten British Foods
MAny traditional British foods are underthreat from the vast amount of food imported in to Britain. The Forgotten British Foods project aims to rectify this.

Marmalade History, Facts and Recipes
No British breakfast table is complete without a jar of marmalade. Read about its history, styles and ways to serve.

How to Prepare the Perfect Cricket Tea
Cricket is such an important part of British life and the serving of cricket tea essential. Learn how to make the perfect Cricket Tea.

Home Smoking
Smoking food at home is not as difficult as you may think; in fact it is quite easy and requires little specialist equipment.

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