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Christmas Food and Christmas Cooking


With the Christmas festivities comes a lot of hard work in the kitchen planning recipes. Make your Christmas cooking a little easier this year with a little forward planning and make the freezer your friend. These Christmas recipes are for a traditional British and Irish Christmas with a time plan to make your holiday so much more fun.
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  2. Christmas Recipe Box
  3. Drinks for Christmas
  4. A Stress Free Christmas - It Is Possible !

Christmas Recipe Videos

Iced Christmas Cake - Christmas Cake Recipe

Xmas can be a pretty stressful time with so much organising and cooking to do. There are many recipes which make up a traditional British Christmas, here you can find a collection of the most popular recipes on short, snappy videos. Quick to watch and they will show you how easy they are to make.

Christmas Recipe Box

Roast Turkey Christmas

All the Christmas Recipes you will need for a great British Christmas.

Drinks for Christmas

English Wine

With so much emphasis on food, don't forget the drinks this Christmas and New Year

A Stress Free Christmas - It Is Possible !

Christmas Tree

Christmas is a time of celebration, sharing quality time with family and friends. If you are the cook in the house let me guess, by the time the revelries begin you’re too worn out to enjoy them. Here are some top tips for a stress-free time and stress-free cooking for Christmas.

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