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Traditional British Christmas Drinks

Drinks for Christmas


With so much emphasis on food over the Christmas period it is easy to forget traditional British Christmas drnks. Here are some suggestions on drinks for Christmas, Boxing Day and the New Year

1. Port for Christmas

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Though Port is not produced in the UK, historically it is regarded as a thoroughly British drink. Many of the leading brands were originally British owned and some major producers still are. Surprising for a country that has embraced drinking Port since the 17th century, is that most Brits buy only one bottle a year – at Christmas.

2. Champagne - Choosing and Serving Champagne

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A bit of bubbly always goes down well, the sparkling fizziness reflecting joy and happiness.

Champagne is a classic choice but don’t underestimate a good sparkling wine. The New World and even the UK are making brilliant bubbly with the name the only point of difference (sparkling wine cannot be called Champagne unless produced in the designated region of France).

3. Wines for Christmas

English Wine
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Christmas food brings such an array of tastes, textures and types of food, choosing a wine to serve alongside can seem rather daunting. Thanks to Stacey Slinkard - About.com's wine guide you will be able to negotiate your way around the complex subject simply and easily.

4. Happy Holiday Cocktails

Gin and Tonic, Gin and Tonic Recipe
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Make the holidays a happy one with a selection of cracking holiday cocktails from Colleen Graham, About'.com's Guide to Cocktails. Yummy.

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