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A Perfect and Stress Free Christmas Dinner


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Step by Step Christmas Dinner - The Week Before
Christmas Pudding - Recipe for Christmas Pudding

Flaming Christmas Pudding

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Christmas is always hectic so careful planning is definitely needed now. Last minute presents need to be bought and wrapped and the final cards written and posted. The tree, if not already done, is begging to be decorated.

With the food, now is the time to make sure you have everything, so a recheck of your meal plans and shopping lists may show up any forgotten foods.

Hopefully if you are prepared you will have bought all the non-perishables including drinks and ticked them off the list. Two or three days before is plenty of time to get all the fresh foods as they will keep well in the fridge or even in a cool garage as long as there are no pests or rodents.

Foods to Prepare in the Week Before Christmas ...

if not already done.

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