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5 Christmas Roasts - There is More than Turkey on Offer


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5 Christmas Roast - Ring the Changes
Roast Goose Recipe

Roast Goose Recipe

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Most people believe that Turkey is the star of the British Christmas dinner, but this new-fangled bird has only been gracing the British table since the 16th century when it arrived here from America. Before that a traditional Christmas roast would be the Christmas Goose (think Dickens and A Christmas Carol and the Cratchits off to get their goose from the baker's oven...).

A roast bird isn't always the meat of choice for many, growing up we had 2 roasts on the table, a roast Capon (now not available) and a roast leg of pork. My family didn't care for the turkey and these were our preferred meats.

Whatever Christmas roast you choose there's a wealth of accompaniments that go alongside, most are interchangeable and all are part of the traditional menu for a British Christmas.

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