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Traditional British Breakfast Recipes

Recipes for traditional British breakfasts

Apricot Jam Recipe

English Breakfast Recipes: Eggs Florentine Recipe
This Eggs Florentine Recipe is perfect served at anytime of the day

Muffin Recipe - English Muffins Recipe
English Muffins are a delicious tea-time treat.

Foolish Bread Recipe
Similar to a Tuscan pane sciocco this tasty Foolish Bread Recipe is ideal served with soup

Full Breakfast in Britain and Ireland
Full English, Irish, Scottish or Welsh Breakfast

Haggis, Scotland's National Dish
All about Haggis

Lemon Curd or Cheese
Lemon Curd is also known as Lemon Cheese in Britain. It is a lovely preserve to make and is super-easy as you can see in this lemon curd recipes. This preserve is used in the same way as jam or as a cake topping or pie filling.

Marmalade Recipe
Orange Marmalde Recipe, No breakfast table is complete without this delicious preserve.

My Baked Beans
Delicious Home Made Baked Beans are simple and easy to make

Pancake Day - Pancake Recipe
A great alternative for a breakfast is a plate of pancakes, not the American style, but these traditional British pancakes.

Pancake Recipes: Pancakes From Around the World
Pancakes, perfect for breakfast and so many different types to choose from

Scotch Pancake Recipe
A quick, easy and delicious Scotch Pancake Recipe

Scottish Oatcakes
The flat cakes made mainly from oats have for centuries been considered the Scottish national bread.

Scottish Porridge
Discover the healthy and nutritious Scottish breakfast dish of porridge.

Tattie Scones - Scottish Recipes - Tattie Scones Recipe
A delightful and delicious Tattie Scone recipe ideal for serving at breakfast.

Welsh Pancake Recipe - Crempog
Crempog are Welsh Pancakes and are different to the traditional British 'crepe'. This Welsh Pancake Recipe is just as delicious though.

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