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The Bottom Line

There's free food everywhere, if you know what you are looking for. This handy book tells you which plants are edible, where to look for them, tips for quick identification and advice on preparation and recipes to try.


  • Handy reference book for foragers
  • Clear, concise instructions


  • A bit too large to carry in your pocket


  • Wild Food for Free
  • Jonathan Hilton
  • Published by Gaia, £14.99
  • ISBN - 978-1-85675-285-5

Guide Review - Book Review

I love free food, and I adore a walk in the countryside and collecting edible freebies. The danger is always knowing what's what, and if it is safe. Furthermore, what do I do with it when I get home?

This handy book answers all those questions in one handy volume. It is full of handy hints, tips and the photographs make identifying easy and safe.

By studying the timetables within means I can practically go out at any time of year and find something.

I highly recommend the book and my only criticism is it's a shame I can't pop it in my pocket when out for a walk, it's just a little too big for that.

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