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Cook Book Review - Tender - Nigel Slater

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Nigel Slater - Tender

Nigel Slater - Tender

Photo © Jonathan Lovekin

The Bottom Line

400 recipes from one of Britain's finest food writers, this book is set to be a classic on the book shelf.


  • 400 recipes from Britain's finest food writer
  • Recipes for the year round
  • Book categorised by ingredient, a fun way to read
  • Beautiful photography
  • Easy to read and follow recipes


  • More photos would have made this perfect


  • Tender. A cook and his vegetable patch
  • Author - Nigel Slater
  • Photography - Jonathan Lovekin
  • Published by Fourth Estate, London
  • £30.00
  • ISBN - 13978-0-00724848-0

Guide Review - Cook Book Review - Tender - Nigel Slater

Tender, or to give it, its full title Tender. A cook and his vegetable patch is not just a cook book, it is the record of a very special journey. Nigel Slater is one of Britain's finest food writers and one of my all-time favourites. His book is a very personal insight into the creation, development and management of his vegetable garden, it records his growing of fruits, veg, herbs and their transition to the stove and table. It is mesmerizing.

Following the opening chapters charting the course from wilderness to allotment the book is cleverly divided by ingredient and dances merrily through the seasons. Tender is written with Nigel's clear, passionate and inspirational voice: it is so very hard whilst reading to not dash into the garden and start digging, or to the stove and cooking.

The photography from Jonathan Lovekin is beautiful. Each ingredient or dish is displayed without fuss, pretension or the fuss of the food stylists hand (if the food has been styled then the effect is very clever).

This is not a book to simply cook from, it is a very good read, it kept me entertained night after night and now takes center stage on my bookshelf and is the first book I grab when looking for inspiration.

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