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Spring has Finally Sprung


Here we are, well and truly into spring and all the wonderful foods that brings. Some of my favourites have now taken hold - asparagus, strawberries, Jersey royals and each week, new foods appear. It's a wonderful and exciting time.

Spring Foods and Menus
British & Irish Food Spotlight10

My Favourite Lunch Dish - Eggs Florentine

Wednesday April 23, 2014

This is my favourite lunch dish, poached eggs and fresh spinach as an Egg Florentine. It is the quickest dish to make, so perfect for lunch on a busy working day.

 Egg Florentine

Photo © Elaine Lemm

Recipe of the Week - Pork Meatballs and a Tasty Tomato Sauce Recipe

Tuesday April 22, 2014

So simple, so quick and pretty cheap to make. Pork Meatballs may have been pushed off the British food radar, thanks to Ikea, but to be honest, nothing beats the homemade. Couple it with a simple yet tasty tomato sauce and you have cracked it. All that's missing is a green salad.

 Pork and Onion Meatballs

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Photo and Recipe British Onions

Celebrate St George's Day

Monday April 21, 2014

The Irish do St Patrick's in such style, the Welsh openly celebrate St David, as do the Scots with Andrew but St George celebrations are fractional in comparison. This year the day has further sunk into oblivion because it falls so close to Easter.

We have such great food and drink so the least we can do is celebrate that surely. Think traditional English food and what springs to mind but Fish and Chips, Roast Beef, Yorkshire Puds, Afternoon Tea, a pie and a pint, a fat stodgy pudding .... I could go on. Here's a collection of St George's Day Recipes and Drinks, try telling me there isn't something in there worth celebrating.

Easter Sunday Breakfast

Sunday April 20, 2014
Photo  Getty Images

Welsh Pancakes - Crempog

With friends here for the Easter weekend, breakfast is an extra special affair today. Time to read the papers or simply linger round the table chatting makes a welcome change from breakfast on a busy working day.

It is probably the time for a Full English Breakfast but as we are having a full on Sunday Lunch today I fancy something a bit different. Am thinking maybe a stack of delicious Crempog - Welsh Pancakes or American Pancakes which can be served almost the same way as a full English with some crispy bacon. Yum.

I can always make a scaled down full breakfast on an English Muffin with a slice of bacon or a sausage and a large spoonful of scrambled egg, maybe Eggs Benedict? Or I can sit here thinking and we'll end up with nothing. Pancakes it is.

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