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Preserve the Harvest

Jams and Preserves

Got a glut of food? Is your vegetable plot bursting with produce, your local shop selling off foods close to their sell by date or the Farmers' Market got a surfeit of seasonal foods?  Then buy them up and start preserving. A great way to save money.  

British & Irish Food Spotlight10

Making the Most of Tomatoes

Tomatoes are the best fruit of the summer. All about British tomatoes and great, quick easy tomato recipes.

Easy Recipe for Traditional Jam Tarts

Jam tarts are one of the first things my mum taught me to bake, probably because they are so easy. Great for using up leftover pastry.

British and Irish Artisan Bread

Bread is one of the favourite foods in both Britain and in Ireland. Bread has undergone many changes through the years and once more, the love of artisan bread is on the rise.

The Difference Between Jam, Jelly and Marmalade

Jam, jelly and marmalade are all delicious preserves, but what are the differences between them? Read here, they are not as similar as you would think.

Quick and Easy Sourdough Starter

Sourdough bread requires a "starter" dough. Here is a quick, easy one from master baker, Simon Thomas from Staff of Life Bakery, Kendal.

Lemon Posset - Lemon Posset Recipe

There's nothing easier than a Lemon Posset recipe for a quick, and deliciously tangy pudding - perfect for summer days.

Treacle Tart Recipe

The perfect, traditional Treacle Tart recipe.

Yorkshire Cheese - Cheese from God's Own County

The story of Yorkshire cheese, one of the UK's most famous regions for cheese making.

Easy Classic British Scone Recipe

Home made scones are a delicious treat. Both sweet and savoury are so quick and easy to make as you can see in this classic scone recipe.

Spiced Prawns, Sweet Eve Strawberry and Avocado Salsa Tacos

Strawberries may work well with cream but are also delicious in spicy dishes, especially this easy and quick strawberry and avocado salsa.

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