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Berry Delicious

British Desserts

When the sun shines and everyone is looking for easy summer food, what could be easier and more delicious, than berry recipes which make the most of summer fruit. From the earliest spring strawberries, through to autumnal sloes they bring a pure symphony of colour, taste and texture.

Recipes Using Berries
British & Irish Food Spotlight10

Ginger-Spiced Plum Tray Bake and Streusel Topping Recipe

What could be more delicious than the bringing together the lovely flavours of plum and ginger in this simple tray bake.

Traditional Crumpet Recipe

The quintessential delicious tea time treat of traditional British crumpets served warm with lashings of butter.

Britain's Top 10 Favourite Foods and Drinks

The Bacon Butty (bacon sandwich) came top of Britain's Top 50 Favourites list. What are the rest?

Anyone for Pimms? History and Recipe for Pimm's

A Pimm's is so quick and easy to prepare as you can see in this recipe for Pimm's No 1 Cup. The drink at Wimbledon.

The Perfect Pulled Pork Recipe

Making perfect pulled pork is far easier than you imagine. You need only a few ingredients and plenty of time.

Traditional Flapjack Recipe

Traditional British flapjack is not only super quick and easy to make, it is delicious too. The varieties of traditional flapjacks are endless.

20 Strange Sounding British and Irish Cakes and Puddings

Both Britain and Ireland have many foods with weird and wonderful names; some make the dish sound horrid, where in fact, most of these dishes are simply delicious.

On The Pulse - 10 Cheap and Cheerful Recipes using Pulses

Pulses arw cheap and easy to cook. These 10 recipes show you how. All are stacked with nutrients and so good for you.

Rhubarb Mess Recipe - Alternative to Eton Mess

Rhubarb Mess, the alternative recipe to the traditional British Strawberry Eton Mess. Just as quick and easy to make and equally delicious.

Preserve Recipes

Preserving food not only saves money, it is also fun to do. Here are my top picks for the best preserving recipes.

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